New dentist office caters to city’s youth

By LaVendrick Smith | Jun 13, 2012
Photo by: LaVendrick Smith Drs. Paul Kahlon and Sonu Lamba recently opened the new Mukilteo Pediatric Dentistry. The couple are the first dentists in Mukilteo to work solely in pediatric dentistry.

A visit to the new pediatric dentist office in Mukilteo is no average visit for children – it’s a jungle safari experience.

Dr. Paul Kahlon and his wife, Dr. Sonu Lamba, recently opened Mukilteo Pediatric Dentistry at 12121 Harbour Reach Dr., Suite 210 in Mukilteo. It is the first pediatric dentistry in Mukilteo, caring solely for patients who are infants up to age 18.

The couple’s office has “The Lion King,” “The Jungle Book” and “Tarzan” movie posters, cheetah print carpet and two stuffed tigers.

“Kids love those [tigers],” Kahlon said. “They keep asking when they’re going to have babies.”

In addition to pediatric dentistry, the office offers sedation and anesthesia, dental emergency and trauma management, as well as guidance for caring for infant teeth. The dentistry also cares for children who have special dental needs, as well as families with financial struggles.

“We like serving the underserved population,” Lamba said. “We cater to the needs of pretty much everybody – the underserved, kids with special health needs, trauma, any medical condition.”

Kahlon and Lamba met at the University of British Columbia, where Kahlon studied integrated sciences and Lamba studied biology.

“We knew we both loved the health care profession and helping people,” Kahlon said.

The couple realized their passion for pediatric dentistry and children’s health during their time in dental school and their dental residency.

“We decided to go back [to school] and specialize in kids,” Kahlon said. “It takes extra training, extra experience and extra love for working with kids.”

Kahlon and Lamba ensure that each child leaves their office happy, by giving each child prizes as they leave, from whoopee cushions to tiaras. Their patients also get a balloon.

Kahlon and Lamba pride themselves in helping to relieve the fear many children have of the dentist.

“We have kids who come in clinging to their parents,” Kahlon said. “But when it’s time to leave, they don’t want to go.”

They said their work is special, but comes with responsibility.

“We feel that responsibility to our community, beyond what we do in the office,” Kahlon said.

They’ve spent several hours outside their office, educating the community on dental care. They will be speaking at the YMCA’s annual National Night Out this summer.

Lamba also teaches Everett’s Head Start Program, which provides low-income families education services, including lessons on healthy diet habits.

Kahlon and Lamba, of Mukilteo, are proud to be the first pediatric dentists in the city.

“It’s very personally rewarding,” Lamba said. “You go back home and you feel like you’ve made a difference in some child’s life, and it’s a good feeling.”

Mukilteo Pedatric Dentistry is open Tuesday-Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Saturdays by appointment. Call 425-212-1810 to make an appointment. Go to for more information.

LaVendrick Smith is an intern for The Mukilteo Beacon.

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