New Year, new editor

Young, jack-of-all-trades journalism takes helm
By Nicholas Johnson | Dec 28, 2016
Nicholas Johnson

With the New Year comes a new editor for your hometown newspaper – an editor resolute in keeping community journalism alive for the people of Mukilteo.

It was my demonstrated passion for and career-long dedication to community journalism that prompted Publisher Paul Archipley to bring me aboard, and I could not be more excited.

I believe that just as “all politics is local,” so too is the most meaningful journalism. That first became clear to me after graduating from Western Washington University and joining the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader, where I cut my teeth as a small-town reporter covering crime, education and city and county governments.

I grew up south of Seattle in what is now Burien. I got my first taste of journalism while writing for my high school newspaper. But, it wasn’t until I began working for my college newspaper that journalism’s social and political value became clear to me.

I came away wanting to do it all, from conception to final production. I wanted to report both hard news and feature stories, make both candid and portrait photography, and present it all in as seamless a way as possible. I found the opportunity in community journalism.

Over the last six years, I have honed my journalistic skills and won a wide range of awards as a reporter, copy editor, photographer and designer. Along the way, I solidified my news judgment, sharpened my attention to detail, and bolstered my ability to cover just about any story that comes my way.

As a reporter, I have proven my ability to cultivate and maintain sources, fearlessly question decision-makers, and approach difficult subjects with sensitivity, all the while earning the trust and respect of my readers.

I am here because of my unwavering passion for journalism’s power to foster a strong sense of community. With that, I am eager to meet you. I am eager to meet the teachers, the police, the parents and the kids, the business leaders and those barely making it, the do-gooders and the naysayers, the government watchdogs and the policy wonks.

I want to hear from you. Yes, you who are reading this right now. I want to know what you want from your community newspaper. I want to know why you love this newspaper and why you love this town. I want to know how I can best serve this community.

My door is always open, my phone always accepting new calls and my email never quite filled to capacity. Come by and say hi (806 5th St.). Drop me a line (425-347-5634 ext. 234) or write me a note ( Heck, tap me on the shoulder when you see me around town with a big camera around my neck. I’ll be the thin, tall young man in some contorted position searching for the perfect shot.


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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Dec 29, 2016 06:02

Nicholas, I'll be in touch after the new year.  Count on it.  You're filling Sara's big shoes.  Joe

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