No more taxation without fiscally responsible representation | Letter

Oct 30, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

Please vote for Terry Preshaw as a voice for fiscal responsibility. In her words, “We cannot tax borrow and spend our way to prosperity."

After a four-year stay in Everett, I moved back to my home in Mukilteo. My monthly bills started arriving and I noticed that my utility bills are more expensive in Mukilteo.

I called Comcast, my cable, phone and Internet carrier. I asked the customer why my bill was higher this month. There was a long pause on the phone as he compared my July bill in Everett and my August Mukilteo bill.

He told me everything was the same, except he was wondering, had I moved to another city? I said, yes, and he told me the taxes in Mukilteo are more expensive than in Everett by $5 a month.

I wondered if this was true with my Comcast bill what about the other utilities? I discovered that my Verizon bill is higher by $2.75. My Puget Sound energy bill included a 6.03 percent Mukilteo tax.

The PUD bill is at 6 percent for Mukilteo and cost me $4.36 for September.

I added them all up and the grand total for one month was $12.48 in taxes for Mukilteo. I will pay at least $149.76 per year more to live in the city of Mukilteo.

The city can target water, sewer garbage, phone and natural gas. Tax increases on these utilities do not require voter approval, and state law puts no limit on how high these taxes can go. Watch out Mukilteo.

I am concerned that the longterm financial planning committee for the city budget does not include making it work for families in Mukilteo, especially those of us with limited means.

I must aggressively balance my household budget, and as taxes are raised, mine becomes severely limited. I will not increase my spending and then try to balance my budget. I look at what I have to have and save for things I want to have.

I need to keep my budget in line with my income, as the city should too.

Please work to control spending by voting for Terry Preshaw – she cares about our community’s financial health, and wants to make sure we live within our means without “stealth-taxing” us until we have to move.

Linda Wooding,


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