NOAA forecasts above normal Arctic ice extent for summer 2014 .

By Steven Keeler | May 24, 2014
Source: National Snow & Ice Data Center (NSIDC)



Joe Bastardi says:    
May 23, 2014    

The anomaly ( Arctic Ice ) forecast has increased even further !


I have been emphasizing in posts this is not yet the real deal ... that will occur when the permanent flip of the AMO ( Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation ) occurs in a few years. It does show though what others have championed, that the arctic sea ice is a function mainly of the AMO, ( it is now cooler, I think only for a year or two as its not yet ready to flip completely ... I trust Bill Gray on these matters) and certainly not CO2 or the ideas the warming crowd is trying to advance ... pollution, etc. If so, why did they not warn us that the death spiral ( Arctic Ice ) was alot of nonsense and that in 2014 there would be enough of a flip in the AMO to offer this chance ... which until it happens, is really only what it is, but even that is noteworthy given the hype of tripe we have had to put up with !

There is far more multi-year, thicker ice in the Beaufort Gyre this year. Multi-year, thicker ice typically survives the melt season in the Gyre.

There was increase last year as well which lead to the recovery in 2013. Based on the continuing increase in the multi-year thicker ice going into 2014, this year’s extent should be quite a bit higher than last year.

Also, Central Arctic Sea Ice looks solid .

AMO - a mode of variability occurring in the North Atlantic Ocean which has its principal expression in the sea surface temperature (SST) .


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