NOT SO GREEN  |  Desperation move by sierra " club " Backfires

By Steven Keeler | Aug 06, 2017


A panel of EPA scientists convened to investigate Pruitt's commentary found that the administrator was not in violation of the agency's scientific integrity policy because that policy " explicitly protects differing opinion. "




Here's your one review of the scientific literature :


The 97% claim comes from a January, 2009 article by Peter T. Doran about an April, 2008 survey by Margaret R. K. Zimmerman of 10,257 Earth Scientists at academic and government institutions, of whom 3146 responded. ( A 2010 paper by Wm Anderegg claims the same conclusion, through an equally-flawed methodology. )


I’m shocked it apparently took the EPA Ethics Committee six months to decide that expressing doubt about a scientific theory is OK. While I am glad the ethics committee eventually reached the only sensible conclusion, the fact this complaint was not immediately laughed out of the EPA in my opinion demonstrates the horrendous pressure on scientists and public figures not to deviate from hardline climate dogma.  Nothing more than a desperation move by the sierra club, wwf, green peas and such.


These liberal elites DO NOT protect, let alone tolerate differing opinion ! !


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