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By Steven Keeler | Aug 03, 2017
Source: Australian Govt


The Australian:  BoM faces storm over weather data inaccuracies

Today, Graham Lloyd, and Jennifer Marohasy turn up the heat even more on the Australia Bureau of Meteorology’s ( BoM ) strange practice of “ editing ” raw data. The Bureau says it works to the “ highest possible standards ”. Natch ! !  So an independent audit would clear them, silence the critics, and restore their reputation. Strangely, instead they have been apparently avoiding an independent audit for six years now and counting :

It is the biggest public scandal for BoM since furious debate was sparked three years ago over its treatment of historic and contemporary temperature rec­ords to compile its new homogenised national temperature data series known as ACORN-SAT.  For an agency that screams from the rooftops every time the mercury nudges to the slightest record high, losing a half a degree Celsius here and there at the lower extremities is a pretty poor look.




Australia is in a position where they HAVE to make the “ catastrophic global warming ” situation appear dire because they have committed themselves to an unstable energy supply using that as their justification. They are now in the position of most liars where they must now tell more lies in order to cover for the original one. If people learn that climate was NOT warming as much as they had been led to believe it was, they would get angry about all of the power blackouts, plant closings, and out-migration of industry and jobs. I would not want to be an Australian politician these days, particularly not with the Labor Party. When the truth comes out, they are going to have hell to pay for it.


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