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By Steven Keeler | May 02, 2017
Source: Nature



Global warming ' hiatus ' never happened

“ Stringing the marbles together preserves their relationships to one another, and that’s what our sub sampling technique does,” Tsiang said. “If you ignore these dependencies, you can alter the strength of your conclusions or even arrive at the opposite conclusion. ”



No, the slowdown in warming was real - note the date in the above image


The subtle origins of surface-warming hiatuses

Energy budgeting for the ocean surface layer over a 100 - member historical ensemble reveals that hiatuses are caused by energy-flux deviations as small as 0.08 W per meter squared, which can originate at the top of the atmosphere, in the ocean, or both. Budgeting with existing observations cannot constrain the origin of the recent hiatus, because the uncertainty in observations dwarfs the small flux deviations that could cause a hiatus.


Well, one thing, the " science " certainly IS settled.


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