NOT SO GREEN  |  Problematic Proxies

By Steven Keeler | Jan 26, 2017
Source: Unknown


Understanding how warm intervals affected sea level in the past is vital for projecting how human activities will affect it in the future. Hoffman et al. compiled estimates of sea surface temperatures during the last inter-glacial period, which lasted from about 129,000 to 116,000 years ago. The global mean annual values were  0.5 °C warmer than they were 150 years ago and indistinguishable from the 1995 – 2014 mean. This is a sobering point, because sea levels during the last inter-glacial period were 6 to 9 M higher than they are now.


This is climate scientists trying to rewrite history again and say that sea level is going to rise 20 feet, or more, based on today’s temperature.  How accurate are these studies of proxies from 100,000 plus years ago ? Sea temps, land temps and the rest of it ?


" These results suggest that LIG global mean annual SSTs simulated with most global climate models are too low. "



The takeaway should be that anthropogenic-sourced CO2 had nothing to do with it then, and thus likely has nothing to very little to do with it ( current global mean Sea Surface Temps ) now.

So attempts to control climate from/by a natural warming process, a process set in motion by an inter-glacial, by rearranging the world economies is akin to a rain dance done by a village priest promising to quiet an angry volcano.

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