NOT SO GREEN  |  To give certainty

By Steven Keeler | Feb 23, 2017
Source: EPA


There is much evidence that the EPA has made things too clean. That is, the additional clean that we are buying is not having any incremental impact on health.  We can dial back many regulations with no impact on health of individuals, but a huge increase in the health of the economy.

President Trump should send the various agencies out into the homeland. EPA to Missoula MT for example. No funds for the transfer should be provided to the employees. In combination with the 9 month long winter and the lack of urban services, this would have the great effect of causing most of them to quit. And their replacements would be hired from the people living in the West.

Other suggestions: Interior to Idaho Falls, ID, Education to Rapid City, SD, Energy to Rawlins WY.

" We need to be open and transparent and objective in how we do rule making and make sure that we follow the letter of the law as we do so because that will send, I think, a great message to those that are regulated, but more importantly, they will know what’s expected of them and they can act accordingly. "




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