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Oct 23, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

How much more of the waterfront is going to converted for the sake of supporting commuters and not the residents of Mukilteo [“Mukilteo plans for its 5 acres of waterfront,” The Beacon, front page, Oct. 16]?

Are we, as residents, supposed to be thrilled about a single promenade with limited beach access? What consideration has been given to the environmental impact on the increased number of vehicles waiting to board a ferry? The run-off pollutants entering the water?

Seriously, what is the point of opening Japanese Gulch, and attempting to protect it, if Mukilteo is going to introduce more traffic/parking down to the waterfront?

Why not use the open space by Harbour Place and Mukilteo Speedway for a garage and transit center? Provide commuters with a "streetcar" method of gaining access to the ferry, train or buses? That space is just sitting there. Surely, it has to be less expensive to develop than the waterfront?

Residents may be more likely to leave their vehicles at home, if they could walk or ride their bicycles to catch a bus or train. They would have access to the waterfront activities without the stress of finding a parking space.

In that spot, fewer residents would look out their windows and see a large, unsightly parking structure.

A number of Mukilteo residents would appreciate having a closer park-and-ride, reducing the wear and tear on their own vehicles, and so they don’t have to go to Mariner, Ash Way or Lynnwood, all of which fill quickly.

The waterfront should be redeveloped in a manner that encourages people to relax, unwind and enjoy what it has to offer. It should also fully take into consideration the residents of Old Town.

Imagine it: A rebuilt art building, with storefront to sell artwork. Additional places to eat, different shops, all a part of a boardwalk atmosphere that draws foot traffic, not cars.

In the summer, when ferry wait times exceed 90 minutes, perhaps commuters will wander the options available and spend money in support of the community or simply stroll the beachfront until time to embark.

When my family and I moved here, we looked around and appreciated all the green space. Now I am watching it slowly become eroded by development.

It seems to me that the agenda of Mukilteo's "leadership" is less about Mukilteo. The more I read about the multimodal options, the more I see an area buried under asphalt and concrete, reducing a beautiful skyline to structures.

Tony Guzman,


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Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Oct 26, 2013 16:04


How much more abuse can this little beach and community take???? Already the outfall of a seriously overloaded, over capacity sewer system that is failing with multiple violations (Mukilteo Beach deservers an F grade - prior article), that empties into the sound less than two miles down from the main beach, multiple Boeing and Airport, industrial runnoffs and contaminents...(VOC/TCE Plume).. I am curious if they are planning to do any contaminated soil and water remediation prior to disturbing this soil and pile driving for the plan to relocate the ferry terminal and build....serious heavy metals, benzine, spilled and burried munitions, VOC's and cancer causing agents that cause vapor intrusion into buildings and inhalation from the dust, the reports are long and lengthy...Shapiro & Associates, applied Geo-technology hazardous wastes...Ecosystems discipline report...

Cant we just let a beach, be a beach??? Why must me build....




POSTED BY: LYNN MCKINNEY | Oct 26, 2013 15:56


Oh, and the fish there, have been noted as having cancerous liver tumors and growths as far back as the 80's.  Fishing beach???  Please! Save yourselves, don't fish there.  Unfortunately, there are no clean waters on this planet anymore.

Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Oct 26, 2013 16:07

In fact, we need to start a "Save the Gulch" from the "Save the Gulch" group.  They don't seem at all interested in knowing about or cleaning up the contaminants there.

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