OB Juan and The Man

By Obnoxious John and Frank the Man | Jul 04, 2011

Happy Fourth, OB Juan.

FtM - Nice start by our new guy yesterday. Granted, the Pads make for a soft landing, especially with us at home, but Beaven might be an answer for us.

I'm on record favoring trading Bedard and Figgins as a package.....but only if we get a box of new jock straps in return.

OBJ- Same to you,  FtheM.  It was a nice job by the lad. Of course the pitcher has the advantage first time around

FtM - I'd like to see us make a play for SD's 3B Headley. Not necessarily a trade deadline deal, but he would improve our weakest spot.

Kennedy's apt to wear down as the season goes on.

OBJ - Figgy, I'm not sure what happened. Based on what he did before he got here, you make the deal. Bedard is like fine china or something, you know "careful it might break!"

Maybe make Jack Wilson learn yet another spot and put him at 3rd to share? But Figgins is gonna have to sit..........


FtM - Jack Wilson could be a plug-in for NYY if Jeter takes a while to heal.

I'm still on my Blow-Them-Up kick.

Christ, could we please give Tui 60 days of playing 5-6 games a week? At 3B.


OBJ - I wonder if the powers that be have already made up their mind about Tui......

FtM - Afraid they may have. He was a Bavasi guy. He'll get a shot after this year elsewhere.

Like Mike Morse, who seems to be cobbling a nice little career in WAS.

OBJ - Of course even if he (Tui) is a bust its no worse than what they have now. If he hits a little, he makes for a good trade add in.......

FtM - Ed Zachary.


OBJ - Some guys take longer to learn to play at this level. Greg Dobbs is another guy that didn't stick here, Now he gets to polish his WS ring now and then.


FtM - This Dodger mess makes for interesting following. Old Buddy Boy may get his pins knocked out from under him when a Court of Law tells he his power isn't Supreme.

OBJ - Do you think BBall will ever go back to an independent Commissioner?

FtM - We can hope.

If the likes of Bob Costas were ever to be given the keys to the car by the owners, then yes.

WE the fans used to be a consideration in the Best Interests.

Now the bottom line is the Best Interest.

OBJ - Maybe we need another gambling scandal to scare the owners into realizing they are incapable of policing themselves

FtM - Bud missed his chance to do the right thing when he didn't quit just before Bonds passed Aaron.    He has overseen ticket scalping by some clubs (Cubs) where their related subsidiary skims the best seats to the best games and has a ticket agency scalping for a profit.

OBJ - Bud ain't never, no way ever gonna do the right thing

FtM - At least it's the Fourth of July and there'll be double-headers abounding.

To him the right thing involves stuffing cash into his pockets.

OBJ - Ha! Only if it's 1960 again :o)

FtM  - I wonder if there's a way for us to do a chat like this, then publish in on-line.

OBJ  - You could see if you can copy and paste it into a word doc and call it a blog!

FtM  -  I may know how to do that, if it can be done. Let me try this.

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