October Sports Slants

By Frank Workman | Oct 27, 2013

What in the hell was Red Sox manager John Farrell thinking Saturday night when he had his pitcher bat in the ninth inning of a tie game in the World Series?

Everybody knows guys named Workman can’t hit a lick.

As to the matter of why pitchers are even batting in the World Series --- this all goes back to Baseball being a sport that decides its championship where some games are played by one set of rules, and others by a different set of rules --- namely, to use or not to use the Designated Hitter.

I blame Bud Selig.

Make up your damn mind, Bud.

With interleague play the law of the land every day during the season, it seems only reasonable to have all thirty teams play by one single set of rules.

Like the commercials say --- it’s not complicated.



Husky Stadium hosted a college football game Saturday night that started at 8 PM.  In late October. On a seasonably chilly evening.

The game didn’t end until around midnight.

The morning paper quoted the UW Athletic Director as saying he doesn’t much like these late starts.

Here’s a thought --- If you don’t want to horribly inconvenience your fans, then say a loud and resounding ‘NO’ to TV and the money they lavish upon your school.

But then, your team may not be able to afford the umpteen different uniform combinations that somebody has to approve.  Oh wait, you’re the AD.  YOU have final say over eschewing the school’s traditional purple and gold color scheme for uniforms and helmets that feature non-school colors, like black and white.

Complaining about the working conditions while taking in the money hand-over-fist sounds like the prostitute who wants to charge top dollar for her services, but doesn’t want to do any of the things that prostitutes do.

Speaking of the Huskies --- Several hundred of recently departed Coach James’ old players returned Saturday night to pay their respects to the Dawgfather.

Something tells me there has been a notable spike in the consumption of malted hops and barley this weekend in these parts.

There’s no question about it.


Frank the Man

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