Official 2017 Mukilteo election results are certified

By Brandon Gustafson | Nov 29, 2017

Snohomish County certified the 2017 election results Tuesday, Nov. 28, officially ending a very busy election season in Mukilteo.

There will be two new councilmembers, a new school district director and a raise in sales tax all starting in 2018.

Four candidates won their bids for reelection, including mayor Jennifer Gregerson.



Jennifer Gregerson won her bid to be re-elected mayor by roughly nine percent over challenger Dan Matthews, a retired Air Force pilot.

Gregerson was elected mayor in 2013 and had served on the City Council since 2004 before that.

Gregerson received 54.16 percent of votes while Matthews received 45.45 percent.


Position 1

Incumbent Ted Wheeler is retiring from office after serving on the City Council since his first term began in 2014 after winning election in 2013.

Anna Rohrbough, who has served on the city’s long-range planning committee since 2014, and is also a board member for the Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce and a leadership coach who runs her own business, won with 57.39 percent of the vote.

Her opponent, James Yoo, is a first-generation immigrant who owns two construction-related businesses. Yoo received 42.30 percent of the vote.


Position 2

Council President Bob Champion won his bid for reelection in overwhelming fashion over Peter Zieve, the owner and president of Electroimpact.

Champion received 66.27 percent of votes while Zieve received 33.36 percent.


Position 3

Councilmember Randy Lord is retiring after serving on the council since 2006.

The final two candidates, Sarah Kneller and Tony Markey, had the closest race of the three council positions up for election this year.

Kneller, a producer and production manager for many different sports networks throughout the country and is on Mukilteo’s long-range financial planning committee, won the seat with 52.44 percent of the vote.

Markey, who manages an outpatient clinic for older patients, has also served on both the budget committee for the Mukilteo School District and on Mukilteo’s long-range financial planning committee. Markey received 47.27 percent of votes.


Mukilteo Transportation Benefit District Proposition No. 1

A hot-button issue among many voters and candidates, Prop. 1 will be raising the sales tax in Mukilteo by 0.1 percent, to 10.4 percent.

The proposition passed, receiving 54.1 percent of votes.

The extra money through the tax will go toward sidewalks and pavement improvements throughout Mukilteo by the city’s Transportation Benefit District.

The TBD might be getting dissolved, with the city taking over its roles and responsibilities.  A public hearing on the matter will occur at the Dec. 11 meeting.

The city projects that this tax would bring in nearly $300,000 per year that would go toward those improvements.


Mukilteo School District 6 Director District 2

Judy Schwab ran unopposed for this position. Schwab was first elected to this position in 1997. She will be starting her sixth term in this position.

Mukilteo School District 6 Director District 4

This seat is currently held by Geoffrey W. Thorp, who won the seat back in 2005 and has held it ever since.

Challenger Shaun Olsen won the seat in the closest Mukilteo race.

Olsen received 50.47 percent while Thorp received 48.36 percent of the vote.


Mukilteo Water and Wastewater Commissioner Position 3

Mike Johnson ran for reelection unopposed. He has served in this position since winning election in 1999 and will begin his fourth six-year term. He also serves as the Mukilteo Water and Wastewater Commission’s vice president.


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