Olympic View raises nearly $2,300 for Oso victims | Letter

Jun 11, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

This is a follow-up to the letter to the editor published in The Beacon on April 23 regarding the kindness of Glacier Lane’s toward our special education program students and how it inspired them [“Kudos to Glacier Lanes for field trip,” Letters, page 4].

The students in the Connections program at Olympic View Middle School gave up their earned free time in class to facilitate a school-wide fundraiser for the victims of the Oso landslide. Almost $2,300 was raised!

On May 20, the Connections students visited Umpqua Bank to deliver a check made out to the Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation – Oso Landslide Relief Fund.

The staff at Umpqua Bank were very gracious with the students, facilitating a tour and providing them with an ice cream treat. The president of the bank, Ray Davis, even telephoned the branch and thanked the students personally for their efforts.

Our purpose of this letter is to celebrate the students, parents and staff who worked synergistically to raise this money. It’s good to see the “Pay it Forward” principle in action. It is a great reminder that the kindness of one person/business can make a difference.

We hope that our actions inspire others to continue generosity toward our neighbors, as their needs will continue for years to come.

The Connections Staff:

Pamela Lane,

Merrilyn Lagerquist,

Lani Turner,

Jayme Bourque, and

Rhonda Norman

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