Pastor’s redefinition of Heaven, Hell bold | Letter

Jul 16, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

David Park’s comments in the July 9 Weekly Worship column may raise the ire of some readers, but I imagine most will agree with him [“Some things I used to believe in with certainty,” The Beacon, page 9].

Although he says, “age and disappointments have worn off some of the hard edges of certitude,” his youthful picture tells me he still has a long way to go before cynical old-age frays the fabric of his faith.

As one who has followed a similar pathway, I commend his bold redefinition of Heaven and Hell. It’s a wonderful epiphany when we realize it’s not where we’re going after death but how we live our lives now.

David’s well-written column reveals he is still looking externally for the “presence and purpose of God” and thinking of Heaven “as a place from which God’s good things come.”

However, I imagine he’s not certain about this. More than likely he has a hunch the good things come from within, and when he admits it, a new surge of liberation will inspire him beyond belief.

Curt Smith,


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