Persistence pays off: Family reunited with photo board

Sep 25, 2013
Photo by: Paul Archipley Karla Carlson points at the high school graduation picture of her mother, Edna Eckrem, on the photo board Carlson had made for her mother’s memorial service.

After several months passed, the staff at Beacon Publishing had grown pessimistic about finding the owner of a photo board that a loyal Beacon reader had turned in.

The good Samaritan found the photo board in a ditch off of 5th Street last June and brought it to the Beacon, thinking some publicity might reunite the board with its owner.

The photo board was filled with 51 vintage and modern photographs of an unknown woman over the course of a long life: baby photos, her high school graduation photo, a wedding photo, pictures with children and grandchildren – priceless photographs that were no doubt treasured by someone, somewhere.

The Beacon ran an ad in the classifieds section throughout the summer, but no luck.

Finally, last week, we ran some pictures from the board and hit the jackpot.

A friend of the unknown woman had seen the Beacon and recognized her.

On Monday, Karla Carlson, who lives on the Mukilteo-Everett border just off 5th Street, came into the Beacon office to claim her photo board.

It had been on display for a memorial service for her mother, Edna Eckrem, who had passed away at 94.

Carlson, the wife of former Mukilteo Finance Director Tom Carlson, had put the photo board on top of her car in the garage.

“I was in a hurry to get somewhere,” she recalled, sheepishly.

She backed out of her garage, forgetting that the board was still on the roof, and it ended up in the ditch.

Needless to say, Carlson was grateful that someone had taken the time to save the photo board and the happy memories it brought to her and her family.


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