Police and Fire non-emergency number has changed

Jun 27, 2018

The number to call police and fire for non-emergencies has changed to 425-407-3999.

The public is asked to call 425-407-3999 for situations that are “non-emergency” or non-urgent.

The reason behind adding this new “hotline” is to keep 9-1-1 calls for true emergencies needing fast police and fire response.

The new hotline is staffed 24/7 by dispatchers who will prioritize calls.

For a long time, people were encouraged to call 9-1-1 to dispatch police or fire to any calls, but over time, 9-1-1 calls have dramatically increased and non-emergent calls diverted resources from real emergencies.

What are non-emergency situations?

Examples of non-emergency situations are illegal fireworks or noise complaints, finding a lost dog, or reporting a crime after the fact when there is no immediate danger to life or property.

If unsure, the public is encouraged to call 9-1-1 and the dispatcher will prioritize the call.  Please do not use this number for public records requests, to ask for general information or to report power outages.

Call the PUD at 425-783-1001 for loss of power, not the new hotline.


What happened to the old number 425.775.3000? That was an easy number to remember

As of Jan. 1, the two-area emergency dispatch agencies SNOCOM and SNOPAC consolidated into Snohomish County 911 to simplify operations to ensure faster emergency response.

This was the non-emergency number for SNOPAC.

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