Police Beat: 11/12-11/18

Nov 22, 2017

Nov. 12


Noise complaint

An officer responded to the 5000 block of 84th Street Southwest for a noise complaint and the occupant agreed to keep the music down.



Officer Beck with Seattle PD had a question about a court order. The officer found that the order had been served but not entered into Washington Crime Information Center/
National Crime Information Center. The officer faxed it to SnoCom and had it entered.


Welfare check

Snohomish County Sheriff's Office requested an officer respond because Medic 25 was with a patient who was "out of control." The officer was cancelled prior to arrival because SCSO had secured the scene.


Rumor killer

The caller had questions about what to do to prevent someone from spreading rumors. The officer offered some options.


Nov. 13



An officer checked an alarm that covered the kitchen door at the 12800 block of 57th Place West. The residence was deemed secure.



A caller requested a phone call in regards to a collision that occurred earlier in the morning. The caller told the officer he was struck by the other vehicle as it was changing lanes on Harbour Pointe Boulevard.


911 misdial

SnoCom advised of a cell phone hang up at the 6300 block of Saint Andrews Drive. Upon receiving a call back, it was confirmed to be a misdial.


Illegal dumping

An illegal dumping complaint was investigated at Columbia Elementary School.



An officer investigated a two vehicle, non-injury collision at the intersection of the Mukilteo Speedway and Paine Field Boulevard. The first vehicle rear-ended the second vehicle who had stopped for the light.  The first vehicle had to be towed.


Dead animal

A deceased raccoon in the roadway of Harbour Pointe Boulevard Southwest was disposed of.


Downed tree

An officer checked on a report of a tree down in the roadway of the 10200 block of Harbour Place.  The officer did not locate a tree down and there were no other calls.



The caller advised that a beige vehicle was parked near her residence on the 900 block of 9th Street since the previous Saturday.  The officer chalked the tires and issued the vehicle a warning notice for impound.


Weapon turn-in

A citizen turned in her deceased husband's handgun because she no longer wanted it.


Sibling rivalry

A caller reported an ongoing problem with her sister.


Special ops

The caller called from Arizona and advised she received a call from her "son" claiming he had been arrested and needed bail money. The officer advised her it was a common scam but she was convinced someone kidnapped her son. Contact was made at the son's residence and the officer confirmed he was not kidnapped.


Traffic hazard

Officers responded to downed power lines at the 5000 block of 84th Street Southwest. Power was out in the area and PUD came to do repairs. Officers blocked off the intersection while PUD made the lines safe and removed them from the roadway.



An officer checked on a report of six to eight inches of water on the roadway on Beverly Park Road. There was approximately three to six inches of water. Public Works was notified but declined to respond unless the situation gets worse.


Downed branches

An officer removed debris (tree branches) from the roadway at the 10600 block of 47th Place West.



A driver became distracted and struck the back of a vehicle at the intersection of the Mukilteo Speedway and 84th Street Southwest. The intersection had become a four-way stop due to a power outage. There were no injuries.



An officer was dispatched to an area check near the 11700 block of the Mukilteo Speedway for a recklessly driven red Toyota. The vehicle was gone on arrival.


Brick throwing

A caller reported that a male was upset at a female and threw a brick at her unoccupied vehicle. The brick bounced off the vehicle and struck the caller's car, damaging it. The male then left and was not located. The female was identified and ultimately arrested on warrants and trespassed from the 8500 block of the Mukilteo Speedway. The malicious mischief involving the male is still under investigation.


Restraining order

The caller had questions about how to obtain a restraining order. The officer answered his questions.


Drunken disturbance

Officers responded to a report of an intoxicated male causing a disturbance at the 9600 block of Harbour Place. The male was identified and agreed to leave


Fallen tree

Officers were dispatched to a tree across the roadway at the 900 block of Mukilteo Lane. They were able to move it out of the way.


Nov. 14


Traffic signals

Officer was dispatched to the intersection of 84th Street Southwest and the Mukilteo Speedway to check on the traffic signals not signaling properly. PUD was still on scene from last night's power outage and the lights appeared to be cycling properly.


Donut time

An officer checked the park at the 600 block of Front Street for a Lexus doing donuts in the parking lot. It was gone on arrival.



Two cars collided at the 8300 block of the Mukilteo Speedway. One vehicle stopped for the traffic backup and the other did not.  There were no injuries.


Parenting plan

The caller responded to the police department to discuss a parenting plan with her ex-husband. Both she and her ex-husband had been violating the provisions of the plan voluntarily. She was referred to her attorney.



The caller reported that she was doing a credit check and noticed someone in California took out a loan in her name worth $11,000.  There are no suspects at this time.


Vehicle theft

The caller advised that his vehicle had just been stolen from the QFC parking lot. The officer located it parked at the Extended Stay.  He must have forgotten where he parked it.



Officers were dispatched to the 11700 block of the Mukilteo Speedway for a suspicious male talking to himself.  The reporting party wanted the male moved along. Officers contacted the subject and he was advised to leave the area and he did so voluntarily.


Wet mail

The caller advised she located wet mail at the 8000 block of 40th Avenue West. She advised that she would drop it off at the Post Office to be re-delivered.



The caller reported that he was at a gym in Lynnwood and his locker had been broken into and numerous items taken, including his house keys.  He requested Mukilteo PD check his residence. The residence was secure.



The caller requested contact at the 4800 block of 76th Street Southwest for a suspicious report.  He advised that someone had removed a couple screws from hinges to a storage room door.  Entry was not made and nothing was missing.  He requests extra patrols.



Officer was en route to check an alarm at the 12200 block of Possession Way, but was cancelled by the alarm company due to receiving proper codes.                                               


The officer was dispatched to the 600 block of Front Street for numerous needles found.  The officer properly disposed of them.


Child’s play

SnoPac transferred a cell phone hang up call in the area of the 5200 block of 107th Street Southwest.  On call back, dispatch was advised that a child had been playing with the phone but the caller hung up before verifying any information.  There was no answer on call back.  No problems were found in the area.


Foster issues

A 16-year-old foster teen was upset with living conditions and wanted to be transported to a facility in Seattle. He agreed to stay at the residence with the foster family for the night and meet with a social worker in the morning.



A Black Diamond officer had questions about a vehicle theft case from 2012. The case file was unavailable and it was suggested the officer contacted support services during business hours for additional assistance.


Nov. 15



Sometime during the previous night someone broke out the back passenger side window of the caller's car at the 12500 block of Eagles Nest Drive. A bag containing documents and a hard drive was missing.


Weapon flash

The officers responded to assist Washington State Patrol with a report of a male brandishing a gun onboard the incoming ferry. The officers determined that the male did not have a gun but had been brandishing a knife. He was detained and turned over to Washington State Patrol for their investigation.


Domestic issue

Officers responded to the 600 block of 4th Street for a disturbance between and a male and female. The officers found that the male found his wife eating breakfast with another male. The husband confronted the male causing a disturbance. There was no assault.



The caller reported that sometime during the previous night someone entered two of her vehicles and took two wallets containing credit cards at the 12500 block of Eagles Nest Drive. The thief attempted to use one of the cards at the QFC but was it declined. The case is under investigation.


Mailbox injury

The officer responded for a report of damage to the mailboxes at the 8100 block of 46th Place West. The officer found light damage that was likely caused by a vehicle that drove up closely and side swiped the mailbox. A fresh tire track was found right next to the mailbox. The damage does not suggest that anyone was trying to open the mailboxes. Arrangements had been made with USPS to repair the mailboxes.


Downed traffic sign

An officer was dispatched for a report that the storm knocked down a "Reduced Speed Limit" sign at the 10300 block of 66th Place West. Public works was notified.


Stolen mail

A caller reported all of the community mailboxes were open and it appeared that mail was missing near 91st Place and 92nd Street Southwest. The officer found multiple mailboxes had been pried open. It was unknown what was missing or when it occurred.


False hit and run

Officers responded for a report of a hit and run collision at the 8200 block of the Mukilteo Speedway. The fleeing vehicle was reported to be heading northbound. The officer located the fleeing vehicle and after officers spoke to both drivers it was determined that there had been no collision. The driver of one vehicle had refused to let the other vehicle merge. The caller was upset about what he perceived as aggressive driving by the other driver.


Tailing driver

A caller reported that a vehicle was following him and the driver was making aggressive gestures towards him near Loveland Avenue on 5th Street. He said that he made a series of odd turns and the vehicle was still following him. The call taker directed him to drive towards the police department while officers were en route to meet him. While he was driving towards the police department he advised the call taker that the vehicle was no longer following him.


Nov. 16



The reporting party advised their vehicle was prowled and a few items were missing. Old sneakers, an air freshener and sunglasses were taken. They did not want a report taken and requested extra patrols.


Parenting issue

The caller requested a phone call regarding a civil matter. The caller left their daughter at the location and now they were refusing to give her back. The officer provided her with information about obtaining a parenting plan and court documents.


Warrant arrests

One occupant had an active warrant for a domestic violence no contact order violation ($10,000 bail) and the other had two active warrants for drug paraphernalia ($10000 bail).


Homeless tent

The caller reported that he is the property manager for wooded property in the city. The new owners plan to develop and were notified of a tent on property with possible homeless subject(s). The officers later checked the area at the 10500 block of 47th Place West and found a tent but no one inside.


House cleaning

A caller reported a suspicious car was parked in the neighbor's driveway occupied by two females at the 4800 block of Pointes Drive. The officer found that they were house cleaners.


Found pills

A caller reported that an employee found a prescription bottle with pills in it in one of the bays during the morning walk through at the 11400 block of the Mukilteo Speedway. The officer did not locate any contact information for the name on the bottle and booked the pills into evidence.


Hit and run

An officer was dispatched for a hit and run complaint at the 11400 block of the Mukilteo Speedway. The officer found that a driver had backed up and bumped the caller's knee. The driver then drove away and left. The officer contacted the driver. He said that he was unaware that he hit or bumped anyone. He advised that he would make contact with the initial caller.


Theft and harassment

The reporting party advised a teenager tried taking her son's bicycle at the 11100 block of Chennault Beach road.  The teenager and his friends were verbal with the caller, but they returned the bicycle. Officers contacted the reporting party and attempted to contact the teenager but he was not home. He appears to be continually harassing the reporting caller's 8-year-old son. Officers gave the caller several options to assist her in dealing with the situation.


Medication issue

The caller advised her psychiatrist is trying to kill her by changing her medications. The caller called the FBI and they referred her to her local police agency. The caller suffers from mental health issues and was referred to Seattle PD as that was where the psychologist was located.


Suspicious prowler

The caller advised of a possible prowler at the 7900 block of 53rd Avenue West. Officers contacted a subject who advised another male was chasing him and he came to the location to hide.  He appeared under the influence of narcotics and was not making much sense. He allowed officers to check his backpack and nothing suspicious was located.  He admitted to having a tent in the woods near 88th Street Southwest with his father. He did not want any assistance from officers.


Nov. 17



A caller reported that sometime overnight someone entered his vehicle (damaged driver's side door) and took a pair of sunglasses and a pocketknife from the 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard. There are no suspects at this time.


Stolen mail

A caller advised that he thinks someone took his outgoing mail from his non-locking mailbox at the 8200 block of 53rd Avenue West. He placed mail in it and prior to the Postal Service picking it up he noticed it was gone. He told the officer there were a few checks he had made out for bills. He had already contacted his bank about the checks.


Juvenile disturbance

The manager of a business at the 11600 block of 49th Place West advised that they viewed video surveillance from overnight and saw some type of disturbance with about 10 juveniles exiting a van in the parking lot.  The juveniles smashed pumpkins in the lot and then left. There was no damage and all the pumpkins had already been cleaned up.  There was no suspect information from the video and no license plate available.


Slashed tires

A caller reported that two days prior, her tires were "slashed" while visiting her boyfriend at On the Green. She lives in Stanwood and was not in Mukilteo during the phone call.  She advised that the next time she was in town she would call to make a police report.


Jealous ex

The caller did not like a female staying with her ex-boyfriend and wanted officers to remove her. She was advised it was a civil issue.


Substance usage

An officer was dispatched to an area check at the 5100 block of 87th Place Southwest for three juveniles possibly smoking marijuana in a garage. The juveniles were gone when the officer arrived.



A passerby reported an elderly male who was only partially clothed was lying on the cement outside at the 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard. She stated the male might have gone inside a short time later. There was no answer at the door and the slider was half way open. Officers conducted a welfare check but the residence was empty. Officers then saw a naked elderly male lying on the ground inside a residence nearby. He was evaluated by aid for intoxication and minor abrasions and declined transport to the hospital.


Nov. 18


Narcotics use

An officer was dispatched to an area check near Beverly Park Road for a blue Volkswagen with three subjects doing narcotics in the vehicle.


Pumpkin destruction

A passerby reported a pumpkin that had been in the 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard was broken on the roadway. The passerby advised she placed some of the pieces in a trash can already.


Broken flowerpot

A caller requested a phone call about a flowerpot that had been in their driveway, which was broken sometime overnight. They request extra patrol in the area during graveyard hours.


Stolen vehicle

A caller reported his vehicle was stolen overnight.  Officers determined Ron May Towing had impounded the vehicle in Everett earlier that morning. Officers determined the vehicle was towed from an apartment complex for a parking violation.


Who let the dogs out?

A caller requested in-person contact because the neighbor's dogs were "out again.”  He did not indicate if they were barking.  The officer attempted to call the reporting party and he refused to answer the phone.


Single egg

A caller reported that one egg had been thrown onto his porch. There was no damage, except for the egg.

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