Police Beat: 5/27 - 6/2

Jun 12, 2019

May 27

Happy ending

The reporting party (RP) advised that she had a lost dog in custody. The animal control officer (ACO) responded and determined where the dog belonged. The dog was reunited with her owner. 10900 block of 53rdAvenue West.


Vehicle prowl

The RP reported his vehicle was prowled overnight. There was no damage to the vehicle and the RP was missing sunglasses, vehicle accessories and other miscellaneous items.  There are no suspects at this time. 11100 block of Chennault Beach Road.



Officers were dispatched to an area check for two subjects arguing loudly for the past two hours. It was determined to be two tenants talking loudly. They agreed to quiet down. 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.


May 28

Are they there?

The RP reported three subjects had just burglarized her residence and were inside the house. She advised dispatch that she wasn't sure the suspects were aware she was there. Officers arrived and determined no one was inside the residence and there was no evidence that anyone had been. 4400 block of 80thStreet Southwest.


Not my shrubs!

The RP wanted to report a malicious mischief because her neighbor trimmed her shrubs. The shrubs that were trimmed were hanging on to the neighbor's property so he trimmed them. The RP was advised the matter was civil. 11000 block of 55thAvenue West.


Family problems

Officers responded to a disturbance involving a 20-year-old and his two parents. The parents were upset with the son’s previous use of marijuana and failure to follow house rules. There was no crime tonight and the son opted to leave. The parents were upset that the officers allowed him to leave and officers attempted to explain they did not have the authority to require him to stay. 12500 block of Hummingbird Street.


May 29


The school resource officer investigated a malicious mischief complaint reported by staff. Staff advised of finding graffiti in various locations on campus and identified a suspect.  The suspect was interviewed and admitted to doing the graffiti. Charges will be forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor for review. 2600 block of the Mukilteo Speedway.


It’s all good

The RP advised of a large semi truck idling loudly in the parking lot. The RP said that she could not sleep before work due to the noise and requested the truck be shut off. An officer located the truck in the parking lot and determined that it was idling at a normal level of noise and that there were no code violations. 600 block of Front Street.



An officer stopped a vehicle after he observed a traffic violation. The driver, had a misdemeanor warrant for Hit and Run out of Lynnwood. She was arrested on the warrant and booked at Snohomish County Jail without incident. Mukilteo Speedway and 5thStreet.



Two separate callers advised of loud shouting and yelling coming from the location. Officers located a group of teenagers playing basketball at the Endeavour Elementary School who agreed to quite down. 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.

May 30


Officers and detectives arrested a subject. He was booked into the Snohomish County Jail on several felony sexual assault charges stemming from an ongoing investigation by the Special Operations Division. 10800 block of 56thPlace West.



The RP reported her neighbor was parked in front of her house and suspected of stalking her and her 17-year-old daughter. Officers contacted the subject who advised he didn't want to park in front of his own house because he didn't want to wake up his wife and son. After continued questioning, the subject admitted he parked away from his own house to smoke marijuana without his wife or son knowing. The subject denied any stalking activity. The subject was warned about his overall behavior and the RP was advised of the circumstances. 4600 block of Camden Place.


May 31

Hide and seek

Officers responded to a report of a possible physical domestic violence incident. It was determined that two subjects had been arguing but claimed it had not become physical. One of the subjects was hiding in a closet and was arrested for violating a DV Protection order. 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.


June 1

Knock it off

Officers responded to a report of an intoxicated male at the beach bothering other people. He agreed to stop harassing people. 600 block of Front Street.

Knock it off, round 2

A caller reported that the earlier intoxicated male at the park was now trying to leave in a small rowboat. He ultimately boarded a Community Transit bus and left the area. 600 block of Front Street.


June 2

Drunk boating

The RP advised of an intoxicated male associated with a boat and they felt he was going to try and get out to the boat. The subject was not located. 600 block of Front Street.



A WSP Trooper was out with the intoxicated subject from the above entry. The male was being disorderly and causing a disturbance with citizens at Ivars. Officers responded and identified the male. He was taken into custody for Disorderly Conduct. After speaking with the subject further, officers determined he was possibly having a medical emergency, so he was released from custody. Officers called the fire department who determined that he was having a medical emergency and he was transported to the hospital. 600 block of Front Street.


Ugly split

RP requested a phone call from an officer in regards to harassing text messages. The RP stated he and his ex-wife are going through a custody battle for their children and she sent a threatening text. There was no crime in the messages and there were no court orders prohibiting contact. The RP was advised to obtain a court order. 4800 block of 76thStreet Southwest.


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