Police Beat: 5/9 - 5/13

May 22, 2019

May 9


Watch your step

Officers responded to the park for broken glass in the playground area. When officers arrived park, attendants were cleaning up the glass. 600 block of Front Street.


Elevator sleepover

The reporting party (RP) reported that she just arrived for work at the location and saw a male sleeping inside the elevator. Officers responded and contacted the male. The subject had two misdemeanor warrants. One was out of Everett PD for PDP and violation of drug loitering. The other was out of SCSO for Criminal Trespass 1st Degree. The warrants were confirmed, and the subject was arrested without incident.  The investigation determined that the male somehow entered the building when it was locked or should have been locked. He was booked on the warrants. 4100 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard Southwest.


High performance homes

The officer was dispatched to an area check for two suspicious males wandering through the neighborhood. The subjects were soliciting for the business "High Performance Homes" and agreed to stop until a permit was obtained.

The officer was dispatched to an area to check for two suspicious males wandering through the neighborhood. The subjects were soliciting for the business "High Performance Homes" and agreed to stop until a permit was obtained. 4500 block of 76thStreet Southwest.



May 10



A local business reported that their email system was hacked, and the unknown suspect(s) sent an invoice to one of the businesses customers. The email requested the customer update the routing/bank account number for their payment, which the customer did thinking they were paying the business. The customer claimed they sent the amount of the invoice to the account listed on the email, but the business never received payment. Officers informed the business that they are not victim of a crime because they did not lose any money and they did not know if the email was hacked for sure. The business said that they would contact the customer and tell them that they should contact their local PD to report the fraud as they were the ones who fell victim to the crime. 10700 block of 47thPlace West.


Car pushing

The RP reported an oddly parked silver Subaru as well as a motorcycle knocked over next to it with skid marks nearby.  Evidence showed the Subaru had likely been pushed to its location by another vehicle belonging to a nearby resident and that the same resident might have pushed the motorcycle over. Neighbors reported this other resident has been problematic and seems capable of carrying out such acts.  There was some minor damage to the Subaru and the case is under investigation. 8300 block of Naketa Beach Road.


When in Washington state

Officers were dispatched to a report of two women on the inbound ferry drinking wine from an open container inside the vehicle. The vehicle was described as a white Toyota 4-door. Officers intercepted the vehicle on the ferry. The occupants were cooperative. An intoxicated passenger had been consuming wine from an open container inside the vehicle. The driver stated she had not recently consumed any alcoholic beverages and officers determined she was not impaired.  The women, from out of state (Texas), were warned about Washington laws regarding open containers of alcohol inside vehicles. They placed the open wine bottle in the trunk before departing with warnings. 600 block of Front Street.


Hot tub visitor

The RP provided third hand information about a subject in the Jacuzzi area.  A resident reportedly called security and advised the subject did not appear to be a resident. An officer checked the area but did not find anyone around or anything suspicious. 12100 block of Greenhaven Lane.


May 11


Dumpster dive

Security at the location requested an officer assist in contacting a subject possibly going through a garbage dumpster.  The officer contacted a subject behind the dumpster and under a space blanket.  He stated he was waiting for a ride after he just checked out of the hotel.  He was advised that he could not sleep at the location.  No further problems were reported. 8500 block of the Mukilteo Speedway.


May 12


Who are you?

RP advised that there was a suspicious occupied vehicle parked near his property for the past 10 minutes. RP described the vehicle as a newer silver Jaguar. The license plate came back to a Ford Escape. An officer located the vehicle, which had a Jaguar emblem on the rear tailgate but was clearly a Ford Escape. The officer identified the single occupant. The officer saw the subject  driving several minutes later and stopped him. The officer cited the subject for DWLS 3 based on his driving record and the fact that the officer had just spoke to him about not driving. 900 block of 2nd Street.


Brush fire

Officers responded to assist the fire department with a brush fire in a backyard of a residence that has likely spread from a nearby burn barrel. Officers used a fire hose to put out some of the fire until the fire department arrived on scene and took over. 4600 block of Harbour Heights Drive.




May 13


Vehicle theft

Officer was dispatched to a vehicle theft that occurred overnight.  The officer determined that one vehicle at the location had been prowled (nothing missing) and a grey 2004 Toyota Tacoma was stolen.  Inside the unlocked Toyota was the keys to the vehicle, a Kimber .45 Auto and a Rugar .22 caliber handgun.  Both handguns were fully loaded.  The vehicle was entered into WACIC/NCIC as stolen and the registered owner authorized the vehicle to be impounded.  The Kimber was also entered as stolen however the victim did not have the Ruger serial number and will try to locate it and call back.  There are no suspects. 12600 block of Eagles Nest Drive.















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