Police Beat: 8/16 - 8/20

Aug 28, 2019

Aug. 16

Remember that boat?

The officer tried to call the owner of the boat again without success. 600 block of Front Street.


Horror film scene

One of the housekeepers at the TownePlace Suites found blood all over the walls and they were worried about the tenant. Officers discovered that the tenant was extremely sick last night and was taken to the hospital by the fire department. There was no criminal activity. 8500 block of Mukilteo Speedway.



A pedestrian asked a bicyclist to get off the sidewalk and the cyclist cussed him out. There were no threats or crimes and the bicyclist was not located. 11900 block of Cyrus Way.



The reporting party (RP) reported that there was a subject walking in the ditch with a large plastic bag covering them. The officer found that it was a large plastic post covered by a bag swaying in the wind (it did eerily look like a person walking). 11500 block of Mukilteo Speedway.


Someone move this boat

The Park Ranger requested assistance with a subject who was in the water attempting to board the grounded boat at the location. The subject was claiming the boat was now his and refusing to come out of the water. He was eventually coaxed out of the water and found to be a danger to himself. He was transported by Aid to Providence Hospital for an involuntary mental health evaluation. 600 block of Front Street.


You dang kids

Officers were dispatched to a report of 6-7 high school aged juveniles throwing rocks at the RP. The juveniles were reportedly outside a fenced area and the RP was inside an enclosed construction area. The RP reported the juveniles were associated with two vehicles parked at the train station. Officers contacted several subjects in the area and warned them about the activity. 900 block of 1st Street.


Good first date

Officers were dispatched to a report of a male and female yelling in the parking lot associated with a black pickup truck. Officers arrived and contacted other subjects in the parking lot who reported hearing no disturbances. The male and female were also located and stated they had been talking and laughing in the parking lot at the end of their first date. There were no signs of any disturbance or other problems. 4500 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.


Aug. 17



Two vehicles were next to each other on SR 525 at 5th Street facing northbound. One vehicle tried to turn right onto 5th Street and the other vehicle tried to proceed straight in the ferry holding lane. They both claimed to have green lights – under investigation. 5th Street and Mukilteo Speedway.


No fishing/walking here

The Ranger warned two people for fishing/walking on the tracks. They agreed to leave. 600 block of Front Street.


Just hoopin’

The officer was dispatched to an area check for about a dozen subjects being loud and drinking.  The RP reported this was an ongoing issue and was upset and hung-up on the call-taker. The officer contacted a group of about 10 juveniles playing basketball and laughing. The officer found no evidence of any alcohol or illegal drug use. The youth were cooperative and agreed to wrap up their game and head out. 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.


Park’s closed

The RP requested an area check for three kids in the play area after dark. The subjects were reportedly not causing a disturbance but didn't move along after the RP asked them to. The officer had driven through the area about a half hour earlier and had not observed anyone. The officer located five juveniles who were talking and laughing. They left when the officer informed them that the park had closed at dusk. 4700 block of Arbors Circle.


Aug. 18



The officers responded to the report of a male in his 30s with a European accent yelling at people and making people feel uncomfortable. The officers did an extensive area check for the male, but he was not located. 11100 block of Chennault Beach Road.


Was it the pup?

The officer was dispatched to an alarm at the residence.  The officer found the residence appeared secure and saw a dog on site. Nothing else appeared suspicious and the officer left an alarm warning notice. 11700 block of 59th Avenue West.


Turn it off

Officers were dispatched to a priority burglary in progress after the RP reported a thermal camera video alarm showing two subjects inside the building. Officers contacted the security staff on scene who advised they will try to remember to turn the alarm off when they are on site. 800 block of Front Street.

Aug. 19


Vehicle prowl

The RP reported a vehicle prowl that occurred in the parking lot overnight. The RP's passenger side window was broken and approximately $200 worth of miscellaneous items were taken. There was no video surveillance available and no suspects. 9600 block of Harbour Place.


What in the world?

Employees advised a male subject took a propane torch kit out to the garden area and cut a torch head out of the package and then stated he forgot his wallet and fled the scene with the torch head in a red Hyundai. The vehicle is registered out of Burien and was not located. Employees will review their video surveillance footage as they believe the male took other items as well. The case is under investigation. 12600 block of Mukilteo Speedway.



An officer responded for a burglary that occurred sometime over the weekend. Someone cut a hole in the fence and entered the yard. A tool shed was then entered and a large amount of tools were taken. The case is under investigation. 3800 block of South Road.


Vehicle prowl

The RP reported that sometime overnight someone entered his vehicle and took a "mace gun" and an envelope with miscellaneous paperwork. There was no damage to the RP’s vehicle and he thought he had locked it last night. 9600 block of Harbour Place.



While on patrol at Lighthouse Park, an officer observed a vehicle drive through the parking lot and hit a parking sign.  The driver stated that his windshield was foggy and he could not see.  The officer investigated the collision. 600 block of Front Street.


Aug. 20


Beagles on the loose

Officers were dispatched to check for two beagles running loose in the area. They were not located. 4200 block of SR 526.


Got ‘em

Officers received another call on the two beagles running loose in the area. Officers were able to eventually catch both dogs with the help of the owner who had showed up. The dogs were released back to the owner and she was given a warning about them running loose. 4200 block of SR 526.


Keyed car

The RP reported his vehicle was keyed and damaged while parked at QFC. The case is under investigation. 11700 block of Mukilteo Speedway.

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