Police Beat: 8/2 - 8/6

Aug 14, 2019

Aug. 2



The reporting party (RP) called in to report an argument they had heard earlier in the morning at the residence.  During the argument one of the parties stated, "I'm going to kill you!" Officers conducted a welfare check and the mother was initially unhappy with police presence at her home. It was determined that no crime had occurred and that the son was struggling with mental issues. After spending nearly 45 minutes with the mother it became apparent that she is struggling for resources to try and help her son who just returned home. She advised she would email Sergeant Illyn with information about her son so that the department could properly educate the department about his needs. 1900 block of Clover Place.


Sounds fun!

Officer joined a group of YMCA children who were playing Frisbee. 5000 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.


A lot going on here

Several RPs called about two male subjects setting off fireworks at the below location.  While en route, dispatch advised that grass at the location was on fire. The fire department was dispatched to assist. Upon arrival, officers located a subject in the driver's seat of his green 4Runner. The vehicle was off the roadway and had crashed into a set of community mailboxes. There was smoke billowing out from the tires as the front two were shredded and melting from the subject trying to free the vehicle from being stuck into the mail box structure. Subject had been drinking, and although officers saw him driving the vehicle back and fourth when they arrived, he denied driving or being in the vehicle. The fire that had been reported was the smoking rubber from the vehicles tires. He was placed under arrest and transported to the station. The 4Runner was impounded by Mary's for a 12 hours DUI hold.  At the station he refused to provide breath samples. The officer applied for and was granted a warrant for blood. While in the holding cell during this process, the subject was yelling and kicking the cell door with his foot. This ultimately dislodged a large bag of marijuana, which he had concealed in his underwear. The baggy fell out the bottom of his pants leg and was retrieved by officers.  The subject was transported to the hospital for booking clearance due to the collision and blood collection, then booked at the jail for DUI and DWLS 3rd degree. 4400 block of 80th Street Southwest.


Aug. 3


Homeless camp

Officers checked the woods south of the location for a transient camp and located a large unoccupied tent. It appeared that someone had been recently staying at the location but was not there at the time. 4100 block of South Road.


Struck dog

The officer was dispatched to an animal complaint for a dog that had been struck by a vehicle.  Upon arrival, it was determined that the dog owner had been walking his dog on the south side of Harbour Pointe Blvd SW when it suddenly ran across the road. The dog was struck by a vehicle traveling westbound. Although no fault of his own, the driver was upset and emotional about striking the dog. There was damage to his vehicle. The owner left with the dog prior to the officers arriving on scene. The incident was documented as a collision. The officer called around and determined the dog had been taken to an emergency vet in Everett. A message was left with them for the dog owner to call 911 to speak to the officer. No further information at this time. Harbour Pointe Boulevard Southwest and 52nd Place West.


Aug. 4



The RP called about an intoxicated male in a white Acura parked near Ivars. Reportedly the vehicle was running and the male driver had vomited outside the vehicle. Officers contacted the subject who was not intoxicated and said that he was just sick. He had three misdemeanor warrants and was ultimately arrested and booked at Snohomish County Jail for two confirmed warrants. 600 block of Front Street.


More sign drama?

An officer was waved down by RP who is currently running for the Mukilteo City Council and informed the officer that some of his signs had been vandalized. An officer offered to take a report but RP was not interested at the time. RP was given a business card and advised to contact the police to report this or any other similar incidents. 12100 block of Harbour Reach.


Homeless camp

Officers checked on a homeless camp in the woods between South Road and Beverly Park Road. The officers contacted a subject. The subject said he was homeless but working full time.  The camp was clean and organized with no garbage or waste around.  He was advised of the MMCs regarding camping and asked to find a different location to camp at his earliest convenience.

Aug. 5


Domestic violence

The RP reported that she was assaulted by her boyfriend. She also indicated he was holding her against her will at the apartment. She was able to escape and run to the Post Office where she met officers. He was taken into custody without incident and booked into the Snohomish County Jail for Unlawful Imprisonment and Assault 4th - Domestic Violence. The case is under investigation. 8000 block of Mukilteo Speedway.



Domestic violence

Officers responded for a third-hand report of a male and female arguing at the location.  Officers contacted a subject and his wife. They were arguing about various relationship issues. During the argument the subject advised his wife struck him and he felt pain. She was arrested and booked into the Snohomish County Jail on Assault 4th Degree/DV charges. 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.


Aug. 6


Rosehill damage

The RP reported that sometime overnight someone pulled up five sprinkler heads at Rosehill damaging all of them. There are no suspects and the RP estimated the damage to be approximately $500. 300 block of Lincoln Avenue.


Low tide

The Coast Guard requested that officers check for a sailboat that had reportedly run aground. The vessel was located along the south end of the Lighthouse Park. The 24' sailboat came too close to shore during low tide and the keel ran aground. The captain opted to remain with the boat until the tide rose high enough to free it. He agreed to call 911 if the situation deteriorated. The Coast Guard was advised. 600 block of Front Street.


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