Police Beat: 8/21 - 8/28

Sep 05, 2019

Aug. 21


Vehicle prowl

The reporting party’s (RP) vehicle was prowled overnight. $100 cash was taken along with a Boeing ID and parking pass. The RP possibly has video surveillance and will check when she can. 6000 block of Saint Andrews Drive.


Death, noise, and taxes

The RP had questions about the noise from Diamond Knot and the Lighthouse Park and wanted to know if the city could lower her property taxes. The officer answered her questions. 600 block of Front Street.


Still there as of Aug. 21!

Officers are continuing to contact the owner of the beached boat at Lighthouse Park - no success as of yet. 600 block of Front Street.


City knows

The RP requested an area check about the traffic signal light not cycling properly at the location. The officer contacted the RP and advised him that the City is aware of the issue and that WSDOT is working on fixing the problem. 84th Street Southwest.


No more Fortnite tonight

Officers were dispatched to check on the welfare of a subject. His friends had been playing Xbox Live with him when he disconnected and was not answering phone calls.  Officers initially were unable to reach the subject at the residence but confirmed his car was present and there were lights on inside the apartment. Officers had just summoned Carvel Apartment maintenance staff to provide a key for entry when he emerged from the apartment. He was fine and just very tired. The RP was notified. 4500 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.

Aug. 22

Suspicious car

The RP reported that she was not home but could see her house via cameras. There was an unfamiliar blue pick-up with a red stripe down the side in her garage and a subject in her garage with a backpack and a flashlight. Officers checked the perimeter of her house and it was secure. The dispatcher tried to phone the RP twice, but got voicemail each time and the officers also tried to call her without luck. Later while on patrol, officers observed a small blue Mazda with a red stripe down the side in the Lighthouse Park and briefly detained the occupant. Another officer contacted the RP of the original complaint and reviewed the video, but it did not show that he had burglarized the garage, only that he had turned around in the driveway. He was released. 600 block of Marine View Place.


Working on it

Two subjects were contacted at the Lighthouse Park. One subject was removing property from the grounded sailboat at the location. He stated that the boat owner had been at the location earlier and agreed to sell the boat. No paperwork or money had reportedly been exchanged yet. The owner had reportedly been at the location and retrieved the outboard motor and gas tank from the boat in order to sell them since the boat was otherwise going to be "salvaged." Attempts at contacting the owner to verify the sale were unsuccessful.  Both subjects were verbally trespassed from the Lighthouse Park for a period of 10 days.  One subject was transported by ambulance to Swedish Hospital Edmonds for medical issues and the other subject was given bus passes and a ride to the bus stop at 148th/Hwy 99.  The Park Ranger and the Asst. Chief are attempting to make arrangements for the boat's removal. 600 block of Front Street.



An employee at the Silver Cloud Inn requested the PD move along a subject who had been asked to leave but was still sitting outside the front door. The subject was described as a homeless 30-year-old male on crutches.  Officers contacted the subject and learned he had an outstanding warrant for theft out of Covington. The warrant was confirmed and he was booked into the SCJ without incident. 700 block of Front Street.


Aug. 23


RP reported a fraud involving a timeshare they had in Mexico. The RP paid $7,000 for a timeshare and later determined the entire process was fraudulent. The case is under investigation.

Book him

The officer was dispatched to meet Lynnwood PD who a subject in custody with a Mukilteo warrant.  The officer responded and took custody of the subject who was booked into the Snohomish County Jail.


Aug. 24

Stop it

The CSO warned several subjects that were on the tracks while fishing.  600 block of Front Street.



RP reported that there was a male and female outside her residence banging on the front door.  She reported that the subject broke a window and were using a ladder to climb inside the residence.  Officers contacted 2 subjects outside the residence.  They stated that they were there to collect personal belongings from the residence.  They denied all of the RP's allegations.  Officers checked the perimeter of the residence and did not find any broken windows or ladders.  They stated they would come back later to collect their items. 4400 block of 80th Street Southwest.


Aug. 25

Vehicle prowl

Officer was dispatched to the location for an attempted vehicle theft/vehicle prowl. The officer determined that sometime during the night someone entered the vehicle and "punched" the ignition. The RP’s registration was also missing. There are no suspects. 5300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.



An officer responded to assist SCSO with a call where the RP's son had lit a car on fire and was now attempting to light the house on fire. While the officer was en route to help with containment, officers on scene located the suspect and took him into custody. 5100 block of 159th Place Southwest.


Aug. 26



Employees on-site accidentally set off the alarm. 700 block of 2nd Street.


Come on, bro

The officer checked on the beached boat and again tried to contact the owner without success. 600 block of Front Street.



The Ranger had the abandoned boat removed from the beach and it was towed to the Port of Everett. 600 block of Front Street.


Just chillin’

The RP requested an area check for a large party with a DJ and minors drinking at the park. The RP advised about 20 people were present and the music was loud but not causing any disturbance. The officer contacted subjects at a small gathering who were indeed playing music but not very loudly. Nobody appeared to be consuming alcoholic beverages and all the subjects were cooperative. The subjects agreed to keep their volume down and understood that they would have to turn off their music if they caused any disturbance. No further problems were reported. 600 block of Front Street.


Aug. 27


Free stickers!

The Sergeant handed out Junior Police Officer Stickers. 600 block of Front Street.


Who’s lying?

The RP requested an area check for a subject in a unit yelling at the RP 20 minutes earlier stating this was an ongoing problem with the neighbor. The officer spoke with both neighbors who have each spoken with apartment management staff about each other.  One reports the other uses offensive language towards her and creates unreasonable noise to disturb her. The other neighbor states the first one is a compulsive liar and keeps making false complaints. Each neighbor wants no contact by the other. 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.


Aug. 28


New terminal issues

Officer was dispatched to the construction site for the new ferry terminal for a burglary that occurred overnight.  The officer determined that the suspect or suspects cut through the chain link fence on the water side and entered the yard. A truck was entered and several tools were taken. A Kubota UTV was hot-wired but not taken. Employees found it running in the lot this morning and determined it had been hot-wired. 1100 block of 1st Street.


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