Police Beat: 8/29 - 9/3

Sep 11, 2019

Aug. 29


Keyed car

The reporting party (RP) reported that sometime within the last few days someone "keyed" down the length of both sides of her vehicle. 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.


Spittin’ mad

The RP came to the Police Department and advised that his neighbor directly above him kept spitting from his deck down onto the RP’s deck. The officer contacted the neighbor who advised he was spitting at a tree and the RP did ask him to stop but he did not think he was serious. The neighbor agreed to stop. 5400 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard Southwest.


Domestic dispute

Officers were initially dispatched to a physical domestic incident. It was determined that subject had not taken various prescription medications for several days. She woke up disoriented this morning. She was ultimately transported by aid to the hospital. There were no injuries during the incident. 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.


Aug. 30



The officer located a suspicious vehicle with two people sleeping inside. Prior to waking the occupants the officer discovered an outstanding felony DOC warrant for Escape Community Custody for one of them. She was booked into the County Jail on the warrant. The officer added possessing contraband into a jail facility charge. 5000 block of 81st Place Southwest.


Vehicle prowl

Officers responded to a vehicle prowl that occurred overnight. Two chainsaws were taken out of the back of the car. There are no suspects at this time. 5300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.


Welfare check

The officer responded to the report of a 14-year-old female panhandling for her "sick mother." She appeared healthy and was wearing nice clothing, but was evasive with the officer and refused to tell him anything but her first name. She said that her brother was waiting nearby and refused help or services of any kind. She was also in Edmonds yesterday doing the same thing and also refused services from Edmonds PD. 11700 block of Mukilteo Speedway.

Department assist

The officers responded to the Everett Clinic for a male that would possibly be combative with the Fire Department. The officers stood by, the male was loaded onto a gurney and transported to the hospital without any issues. 4400 block of 106th Street Southwest.


Just racing

Dispatch advised of a 911 cellphone open line call with a male heard saying, "It keeps coming out, I can't get it to stop, press down." On call back to the number, the RP stated that he spilled a drink on the phone at the racetrack and was cleaning the phone when he dialed 911 accidentally. An officer verified nothing was suspicious and found subjects just racing go carts. 4300 block of Chennault Beach Road.


Noise complaint (but free stickers)

Officers were dispatched to an area check for a resident having a party that was partially blocking the roadway. Vehicles were partially in the roadway and the RP said it was hard to see around them. Officers found a neighborhood block party underway on a small portion of the street (one driveway length) that was blocked off with parents and kids present. The organizers had shared information about the party with neighbors weeks ago and there was adequate access around the party. Officers handed out stickers to the children. 42nd Avenue West and 47th Place West.



The RP requested contact regarding a cold burglary with suspect information. 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.

A few too many

The RP reported someone trying to open their front door. Officers arrived to find an intoxicated subject who was missing his shoes and house key. He stated he had been drinking in Edmonds and got dropped off at home and was banging on the door to apartment thinking it was his front door. The officers escorted the subject to his residence and were able to get his roommate to let him inside.

Aug. 31



The officer observed a subject’s car parked in the area and the subject has numerous warrants.  The officer discovered that the subject’s mother has been driving the car and she said that the subject was in rehab in California. 5600 block of 104th Place Southwest.

Lotta oil

The RP advised that he hit the curb with his motorcycle and he left the area, but spilled a little oil. The oil was a little more than the PD could handle and the Fire Department. responded and cleaned it up. Mukilteo Speedway and Harbour Pointe Boulevard.

Sept. 1



The RP reported that a golfer hit a golf ball and broke a window in her house. The officer located the golfer and he took responsibility for the damage and the officer assisted in the exchange of information. 12600 block of 61st Avenue West.


Bad judgment

The officers responded to the Taco Bell parking lot for two subjects shooting a compound bow into the dirt hillside. They were briefly detained and identified. It was determined that they had not pointed the bow at anyone or threatened anyone, but had used extremely poor judgment for a target practice location. They were warned about the liability and potential law violations of their actions. 8400 block of Mukilteo Speedway.



The RP reported his vehicle was "keyed." The RP's vehicle was parked across two parking spaces and when the RP returned to the car after having dinner, he saw an approximately foot long scratch on the passenger side of his vehicle. The RP also found an "angry" handwritten note on the windshield. The officer confiscated the note and documented the damage. No additional evidence was located. 700 block of Front Street.

Welfare check

Officers were dispatched to perform a welfare check on a subject after she sent the RP a message on Facebook saying she needed help. Officers contacted the subject who was accompanied in her residence by her neighbor. She had reportedly gone to her neighbor's house saying she had been assaulted and needed help. The incident is still under investigation. 12600 block of Eagles Nest Drive.

Sept. 2



The RP reported that sometime overnight someone took a large amount of work tools and computer equipment from the trunk of his vehicle. The RP believes that he inadvertently opened the trunk during the night with his key fob because he found the trunk open and everything missing. There was no sign of forced entry and no suspects. 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Boulevard.


Domestic violence

Officers responded to the location for a physical domestic incident. One subject was taken into custody. He was booked into the Snohomish County Jail on an Assault 4 - DV charge. 4900 block of 99th Place Southwest.


Car damage

Officer was dispatched to the location for a malicious mischief report. The officer determined that the RP’s vehicle had the driver's side window shattered with a rock and the tires slashed overnight. The case is under investigation. 5600 block of 112th Place Southwest.


Rehashing old wounds

The caller reported that a former neighbor "took a swing at him" in the Subway parking lot. The neighbor was reportedly upset about a dispute from five years ago. Under investigation. 11700 block of Mukilteo Speedway.


Sept. 3

Why the diploma?

Officer responded for a vehicle prowl that occurred overnight. The vehicle was left unlocked and the RP was missing two flashlights, water, canned food and the RP’s daughter's high school diploma. There are no suspects. 4600 block of Charter Lane.

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