Police Beat (Dec. 27-Jan. 2)

Jan 04, 2017

Dec. 27


Locked out

A male, who had been locked out of his home in the 13200 block 46th Place West, was given a ride to a friend’s house.


Playing kids warned

Three juveniles playing in the 4700 block of Pointes Drive were warned for trespassing.


Cat breaks window

A female in the 500 block of 4th Street reported her bathroom window had been broken. Upon arrival, police concluded the female’s cat had jumped on the window, causing it break.


Dec. 29


Stolen mail

Three suspicious people in a vehicle in the 9900 block of 48th Ave. West were found to be in possession of stolen mail. A female occupant was arrested on an active warrant. A male and another female were released.


Dec. 30


Social resources

A female in the 117 block of Mukilteo Speedway requested help finding social resources and was directed to Volunteers of America.


Dec. 31


Minor injuries

Motorists suffered minor injuries from a three-vehicle collision in the 10600 block of Mukilteo Speedway


Parking party

A neighbor reported multiple vehicles parked illegally at 45th Ave. West and 92nd St. Southwest for a party. Police advised partygoers to move their vehicles so as not to block the street, and they did so.


County fireworks

Fireworks were reportedly heard from within the 5100 block of 125th Place Southwest. Police determined the fireworks were coming from the county side of the location.


Intoxicated male

Upon hearing suspicious noises in the 11800 block of Cyrus Way, police located a vehicle and an intoxicated male, who was transported to the hospital. The case is under investigation.


Icy roads

Icy conditions caused a motorist to slide off the roadway and into a ditch in the 9800 block of Mukilteo Speedway. The motorist was not injured and the vehicle was towed.


Keys locked in car

Police responded to a report of a suspicious male trying to get into a vehicle in the 1000 block of 9th Street. The male had locked his keys in the vehicle and was trying to get inside.


Jan. 1


In the woods

A male looking for help in getting his vehicle out of a wooded area in the 1600 block of Debrelon Lane found assistance from neighbors.


Loud noises

Loud noises were reported in the 12300 block of Harbour Pointe Blvd. Upon arrival, police found remnants of fireworks.


Jan. 2


Warrant arrest

A female in an illegally parked vehicle in the 3900 block of Harbour Pointe Blvd. was found to have two active warrants for her arrest. She was booked into the county jail.


Dog bite

A female who had suffered a dog bite in the 4700 block of Sterling Way was evaluated and transported to the hospital.

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