Police Beat for week of Aug. 1

Aug 01, 2012

July 25

Physical Domestic –1800 blk SR-525

A woman reported that her 13-year-old daughter had assaulted another family member on July 24. The case is under investigation.

Animal Complaint – Lamar Dr. & Mukilteo Blvd.

An officer checked the area for a large black dog walking down the street. The animal was not located.

Suspicious – Evergreen Dr. & South Rd.

Officers responded to the area regarding a report of a juvenile cutting fences with wire cutters. Officers contacted a subject who said the local businesses had hired him to cut back shrubs and tree limbs from the sidewalk area.

Neighbor Problem – 5500 blk 101st St. S.W.

A resident called to report that there were tire marks on his lawn. He said that he had reported his neighbor’s truck and boat trailer parked on the street for days, and now there are tire marks in his lawn. The resident wanted the event documented.

Parking Problem – 600 blk Front St.

A caller with a boat trailer wanted to complain that there is no trailer parking available because cars were taking up the spots. An officer was already on scene for the Farmer’s Market and was aware of the problem.

Civil – 2500 blk SR-525

A resident reported his neighbor was harassing him. An officer observed a sign, which was not harassing, that was located on the neighbor’s property. Both parties were advised to look into anti-harassment orders.

Animal Complaint – 10200 blk 62nd Pl. W.

A resident reported an unknown golden retriever with no tags in their yard. The dog was not found.

Harassment – 12000 blk Wilmington Way

A man came in with his wife to report an ongoing harassment issue. An officer was able to interview the alleged harasser. The case is under investigation.

Physical Domestic – 9400 blk 48th Ave. W.

A resident reported a physical domestic violence situation in the unit above hers. Officers discovered that a female had thrown shoes and other items at her son, causing some minor cuts to his foot. She was arrested for fourth-degree domestic violence assault and booked into the Snohomish County Jail.

Collision – 10500 blk 47th Pl. W.

Someone came to the police station to report a hit and run (car vs. pedestrian) that had occurred at Bay Court Apartments earlier today. The case is under investigation.

July 26

Vandalism – 10200 blk 50th Pl. W.

A resident at the above address was “toilet papered” overnight. Extra patrols were requested.

Traffic Complaint – SR-526

Everett police advised of a blue Suburban headed westbound on SR-526 at over 100 mph. There was no more information on the vehicle. The blue Suburban was not located.

Animal Problem –13400 blk 42nd Ave. W.

Officers responded to the above address regarding two aggressive dogs charging and biting at neighbors. Officers contacted the dog owner. She had let her miniature pinschers out in the backyard, and they escaped the yard through a small hole. The hole had been repaired by the time officers arrived. The owner was warned that any further incidents of the dogs at large would result in citation.

Vehicle Theft –10500 blk 47th Pl. W.

A victim came to the police station to report his vehicle stolen. The vehicle was “borrowed” in Lynnwood. He was advised to make his report to Lynnwood police.

UIBC – 8200 blk 44th Ave. W.

Eldorado Resorts Seattle at the above address reported that a subject paid off a loan with a check drawn on an account that has been closed since 2006. The case is under investigation.

Suspicious Persons – SR-525 & 5th St.

An officer responded to a report of two people in the roadway divider begging and playing guitar. They were warned for being in the intersection and requested a ride to SR-525 and Harbour Pointe Boulevard S.W. An officer transported them to the McDonald’s parking lot.

Traffic Complaint – H.P. Blvd & SR-525

A caller requested patrol in the area to assist with traffic that was at a standstill. Traffic volumes were high on the Speedway, as they normally are during this time of day.

Suspicious Vehicle – 5500 blk 101st St. S.W.

A resident reported a suspicious silver Ford Escort with tinted windows that keeps showing up in the neighborhood, stays for 20 minutes and then leaves. Officers contacted a subject who was waiting for her husband to finish painting a house next door. There were no other problems.

Animal Complaint – 3800 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to a report of a deer in distress in the parking lot. The officer checked the area and the deer was gone on arrival.

Residential Burglary – 1300 blk SR-525

An officer was dispatched to a residential burglary report at the above address. A resident reported that his home had been broken into sometime during the day today. Entry was made by forcing a rear window open. Jewelry, a flat screen TV and a laptop were stolen. The case is under investigation.

Noise Complaint – 4700 blk Charter Ln.

A resident reported subjects being loud near the pool area. Officers contacted six people in the hot tub talking and laughing loudly. They agreed to keep the noise down.

Theft Report – 13510 blk Beverly Park Rd.

A caller reported a necklace was missing from her purse. She suspects friends staying with her may have stolen it. The case is under investigation.

Suspicious Circumstances – 13100 blk Harbour Heights Dr.

A resident reported contractors that just showed up at his house this evening and were demanding money. An officer stood by while the resident told the contractors to come back during the day.

Suspicious Person – 5001 blk Holyoke St.

A resident reported a suspicious Asian male in his 20s walking around the neighborhood since 8 p.m.

Criminal Traffic – 8800 blk SR-525

An officer stopped a vehicle for speeding and found the driver to be driving with a suspended license in the third degree. He was cited and released.

Noise Complaint – 12303 H.P. Blvd.

An officer was dispatched to a complaint of a “loud fan” in a show apartment. The officer verified that no one lives in the apartment in question and advised the caller to contact management.

July 27

Missing/Found Person – 9500 blk 49th Pl. S.

A resident reported that his friend was visiting from California and was missing. He said that she was bi-polar and had a history of mental illness. He called back while the officer was en route to say that he had located her at 92nd Street Park.

Traffic Complaint – 800 blk Washington Ave.

A caller requested extra patrols and/or traffic enforcement at the location due to fast traffic on Washington Avenue. She said that the vehicles are using the avenue as a shortcut during heavy traffic times. The officer monitored traffic at the location and observed no violations.

Vehicle Prowl – 5000 blk 81st Pl. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to a report of a vehicle that had been prowled at the location. The officer determined that two different vehicles had been prowled at the location during the previous night. Loose change was stolen from one vehicle and court papers were stolen from the other. Additionally, a plastic ash tray/coin compartment from an unknown Honda was recovered inside one of the prowled vehicles.

Theft – 4600 blk H.P. Blvd.

An officer was flagged down in front of the location by a man. He reported that his yellow Sekai mountain bike had been stolen from the library within the last few minutes. He said he had to catch the bus and couldn’t file a report at the time. He said he would come to the police station tomorrow to make a report. Officers later recovered the bike from a subject who reportedly found it at the south end of his apartment complex. The bike was returned to the man, who didn’t want to press any criminal charges.

Welfare Check – 11800 blk H.P. Blvd.

An officer was dispatched to a request for a welfare check on a subject in front of the golf course. The complainant suspected the subject might be intoxicated, high or having a medical problem. The officer contacted a subject nearby. He had been having an emotional phone conversation about his prior drug use, but appeared OK. He reportedly used to work at the golf course and was waiting for a bus to take him back to Everett.

Malicious Mischief/Suspicious – 900 blk 5th St.

An officer was dispatched to a report from a resident that someone had dumped 10 yards of compost in her yard that isn’t hers. It is unknown if the compost was simply delivered to the wrong address. There was no damage, and the caller agreed to wait a few days to see if someone returned to claim the compost.

Harassment/Suspicious – 8500 blk SR-525

An officer was dispatched to a harassment report. The complainant advised she had received a phone call at work in which the caller told her that he needed to verify her social security number and other personal information and that she might lose her job and have to pay a debt if she didn’t get a “legal advocate.” The officer advised the complainant of the likely scam and referred her to make a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Traffic Complaint – H.P. Blvd. & Harbour Reach Dr.

A resident called from above location reporting that he could hear vehicles racing on Harbour Pointe Boulevard. He provided no vehicle descriptions and advised this was an ongoing problem. No racing vehicles were located.

Loud Party Complaint – 4500 blk H.P. Blvd.

An anonymous complainant advised of a loud party at the above location. Upon arrival, an officer observed a small group of four people laughing and talking loudly. The subjects were cooperative and apologetic and agreed to quiet down.

Death Investigation – 10200 blk Harbour Pl.

Officers were dispatched to the above location for a report that the Fire Department was with a 95-year-old hospice patient who had recently deceased. The subject had a Do No Resuscitate order and had become unconscious and died while accompanied by his daughter. The Fire Department arrived and confirmed he had deceased. Nothing suspicious was observed and the Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office authorized the release of his remains.

Missing Person/Verbal Domestic – 600 blk Front St.

Officers were dispatched to a report of an intoxicated 20-year-old female who was missing for 30 minutes. Her family reported that she had walked away angry from a wedding party at the Rosehill Community Center after an argument with her father. She was last seen walking on the beach at Lighthouse Park. Officers searched the area for her, and she eventually returned to Rosehill. She was OK and neither she nor her father reported any assault.

July 28

DWLS – 500 blk SR-525

An officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic infraction and discovered the driver was driving with a suspended license in the third degree. He was cited and released.

Noise Complaint – 800 blk 5th St.

A resident called to complain about the dump trucks being loud as they drove in front of his house on 5th Street. He said that they were violating the construction noise ordinance because they were operating before 9 a.m. An officer explained that the dump trucks were allowed on 5th Street to work on the new dog park, and that a truck driving by his house does not meet the MMC for construction noise. The city has also granted a noise variance for construction noise at the new dog park.

Assault 4/Malicious Mischief 3 DV – 5600 blk N. Grove Dr.

A neighbor reported a disturbance at the above location between a male and a female, and that the female was on the roof of the house. Officers determined that the male had come over to his ex-girlfriend’s house and assaulted her by grabbing her arm during an argument. He had also punched holes in two doors and one wall and had thrown several items in the house. The female had climbed out onto the roof to get away from the male, as she was afraid of him. He was arrested and booked on both above charges.

Assault 3/Felony Harassment – 12700 blk 49th Ave. W.

A resident reported his son was at the location threatening to kill his family and then kill himself. When officers confronted him, he became aggressive and resisted the officers. During the course of his arrest, he spit on one of the officers and also threatened to shoot all of the officers on scene after being released. He also threatened to shoot all Mukilteo officers. He was cleared by the county designated mental health professional at the hospital and was booked into the jail on the above charges.

Theft – 6000 blk 128th St. S.W.

A resident reported the front license plate was stolen off the front of his vehicle while in Kirkland. He also had suspect information. He was referred to the Kirkland Police Department.

Collision – 1900 blk SR-525

An officer responded to the location for a two-vehicle collision. There were no injuries and neither vehicle needed to be towed.

Traffic Collision – 2600 blk SR-525

Vehicle 2 was stopped for traffic and a pedestrian in a crosswalk when Vehicle 1 crashed into the rear of Vehicle 2. No injuries were reported and Vehicle 1 was towed by Dick’s Towing via AAA at the owner’s request. The driver of Vehicle 1 was issued an infraction for following too closely.

Traffic Collision – 200 blk SR-525

A 14-year-old bicyclist rode his bicycle from the sidewalk into the northbound traffic lane and was struck by a pickup truck already using that part of the roadway. The bicyclist suffered minor injuries and was treated by aid before being released to a guardian.

DUI - Arrest – 3800 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to a report of male subject driving a silver Mercedes erratically and almost running the complainant off the road. The subject reportedly parked at the AM-PM and could “barely walk into the store.” Officers contacted the subject in the vehicle. He appeared intoxicated to the officers and, after refusing to perform voluntary standard field sobriety tests, was arrested for driving under the influence. He refused to provide a breath test and was cited and released.

Information – 600 blk Front St.

Dispatch advised of a report about a boat possibly on fire. The boat’s location was uncertain; possibly close to “Boeing” or closer to Whidbey Island. The call was transferred to the U.S. Coast Guard.

Found Property – Chennault Beach Rd. & Harbour Reach Dr.

An officer was dispatched to a complaint about a large Ziploc bag of narcotics paraphernalia on the street. The officer located the bag full of empty smaller baggies, Q-tips, foil, and needle caps but no needles. The office disposed of the garbage.

Suspicious – 6200 blk Bayview Dr.

An officer was dispatched to a report of a possible gunshot heard in the area. The complainant reportedly thought she heard one gunshot but wasn’t sure what direction it came from. Nothing suspicious was located.

July 29

Parking Complaint – 600 blk Front St.

A resident reported vehicles parked in the boat trailer spots that were not boat trailers. An officer cited several vehicles.

Theft – Cyrus Way & H.P. Blvd. S.W.

A resident reported that several political signs were stolen sometime overnight. There is no suspect information.

Animal Complaint – 5500 blk H.P. Blvd.

Officers were dispatched to what was originally reported as a possible burglary with someone hiding in a garage. It was determined to actually be a report of a stray cat in a garage. The cat was not found.

Warrant Arrest – 4500 blk H.P. Blvd.

Officers were dispatched to a report of a female crying and made contact with the subject. She was upset about ongoing personal problems. She was subsequently arrested on a warrant out of the county for DUI. She was booked into the county jail.

Welfare Check – 2600 blk SR-525

An officer was dispatched to an area check for a male who possibly had been drinking stumbling along the shoulder of the roadway. The subject was not found.

Suspicious – 1300 blk Crownmill Ave.

An officer was dispatched to an area check for 2-3 subjects looking into a van window. Contact was made with three juveniles who lived in the neighborhood and were playing tag. One acknowledged looking through the van windows to see if a friend was hiding on the other side. They agreed to leave. There was no evidence of any criminal activity.

Suspicious – 18th St. & Goat Trail Rd.

An officer was dispatched to an area check for three subjects moving furniture out of a residence and placing it in a moving truck. The caller was concerned due to the time of day 11:30 p.m. The officer determined the subjects had permission to be at the residence.

Loud Party – 10200 blk Marine View Dr.

Officers were dispatched to a loud party with music heard in the area. Officers located an adult/parent supervised teen party at the location with a DJ. The host advised that she had contacted the neighbors about the party but agreed to quiet down since the complaint had come from about a block away.

DV Assault 4 – 11100 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

Officers were dispatched to a report of a physical domestic disturbance at the location. A man and woman were arguing and the argument developed into a violent confrontation. Each suffered minor injuries as a result of the conflict. It appeared likely that the male’s injuries were the result of the female acting in defense against him. He was booked at the Snohomish County Jail for fourth-degree domestic violence assault.

Welfare Check – 1000 blk 10th St.

A resident reported hearing a 3- or 4-year-old child crying out for his mom at a nearby house for the past 10 minutes. The officer checked and found that the child was being potty trained and the mother was there. There were no problems.

Warrant Arrest – 700 blk Front St.

An employee at a business reported a guest had just checked out and was headed to the above location. The employee reported that the subject was a known prostitute and had a warrant out of Lynnwood. Officers located subject at the above location and arrested her on the misdemeanor warrant. She was booked into the Lynnwood Jail.

Vehicle Prowl – 4400 blk 93rd Pl. S.W.

A resident reported her vehicle had been prowled sometime earlier this week. A GPS device was taken. There is no suspect information.

July 30

Theft of Motor Vehicle – 9400 blk 48th Ave. W.

A victim’s black Acura was stolen overnight. The vehicle was entered into the data base. There are no suspects.

2 Vehicle Crash – 84th St. S.W. & 44th Ave. W.

Vehicle 1 changed lanes striking Vehicle 2. The driver of Vehicle 1 was mailed a notice of infraction.

Suspicious Incident – 7900 blk 44th Ave. W.

An employee at the above location thought that there should have been mail in the box this morning and there was none there. The mailbox is a standard unsecured box.

Animal Problem – 4800 blk 84th St. S.W.

An officer responded to the above location for an injured dog in the parking lot. The dog had no license or tags. The dog was chipped and the owner was located. He advised that he would respond to the location and retrieve the dog.

Vehicle Prowl – 11100 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

A victim’s vehicle was entered overnight and a wallet was stolen. There was no suspect information.

Hit & Run Crash – 11500 blk SR-525

Vehicle 1 was behind Vehicle 2 eastbound on Chennault Beach Road at SR-525. Vehicle 1 struck Vehicle 2 from behind. Drivers agreed to pull in to a parking lot. Driver 2 pulled in and Driver 1 left southbound on SR-525. Running vehicle was a large black pick up with unknown license.

Traffic Hazard – SR-525 & 106th St. S.W.

A passerby came to the police station to report that trees in the median are getting large and obstructing the view.

Criminal Traffic – 40th Ave. W. & SR-526

An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle and found the driver to be driving with a suspended license. He was cited and released.

Noise Complaint – 4500 blk H.P. Blvd.

A resident reported a male and female fighting. Officers determined that several subjects were just being loud. They were asked to quiet down.

Warrant Arrest/VUCSA – 3800 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

An officer contacted a subject at the AM/PM. It was verified that he had a warrant for his arrest out of Edmonds for drug paraphernalia. During a search incident to arrest, officers located some heroin in his possession. He was booked into the Snohomish County Jail.

July 31

Residential Burglary – 7600 blk 46th Pl. W.

An unoccupied residence was burgled between July 25 and July 28. Kitchen appliances were taken and there was no damage or evidence of forced entry to the residence.

Juvenile Problem – 10600 blk Marine View Dr.

A resident requested an officer come talk to his teen daughter about staying out all night and consuming alcohol. The officer suggested that he talk to his daughter and establish his household rules on the subject.

Involuntary Medical Evaluation/Medical Referral – 10600 blk 47th Pl. W.

Officers responded with firefighters to the above location regarding a report of an unresponsive and disoriented woman in the lobby. She was disoriented acting strange and could not answer any questions from the officers or firefighters. She was taken involuntarily to Swedish Hospital Edmonds for evaluation, as she was gravely disabled and unable to care for herself.

Physical DV – 6100 blk Bayview Dr.

Officer assisted with a physical domestic violence report involving a Korean speaking victim who initially reported the case to an outside police agency. The caller reported that his son attempted to strangle him over a dispute involving money. The incident occurred on July 27. The case is under investigation.

Suspicious Circumstance – 11100 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

A caller reported sounds of a female possibly yelling “rape” in the area. She was not sure where it came from. An officer conducted an extensive search and did not locate anything suspicious.

Fraud Report – 13200 blk 44th Ave. W.

A resident reported she received a ticket in the mail for a traffic stop that she was never involved in. It is suspected that her sister used her information during a traffic stop. The case is under investigation.

2 Vehicle Crash – Chennault Beach Rd. & H.P. Blvd.

Vehicle 2 was headed northbound on Harbour Pointe Boulevard at Chennault Beach Road. Vehicle 1 ran the stop sign headed westbound on Chennault Beach Road at Harbour Pointe Boulevard and struck the right rear of Vehicle 2, spinning it 180 degrees. The occupants were checked by a Fire Department aid crew. No injuries were noted.

Residential Burglary – 600 blk Webster St.

An officer responded to the residence regarding a burglary that had occurred in the past week. Entry was made by kicking in the back door. Some old kitchen items were taken, however, there was nothing of value left in the residence.

Criminal Traffic – 92nd St. S.W. & 49th Ave. W.

An officer ran a plate and discovered the registered owner was driving with a suspended license in the third degree. The driver matched the description of the register owner and the officer stopped the car. She was cited for third-degree DWLS and warned not to drive without a valid license.

Animal Problem – 5000 blk 84th St. S.W.

A resident reported an unregistered dog in the above apartment. She also said that it had been outside without a leash. Officer could not locate the dog and the incident was referred to Animal Control.

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