Police Beat for week of July 25

Jul 25, 2012

July 18

Traffic Complaint – westbound SR-526

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office reported that a motorcycle travelling at 106 mph was headed toward Mukilteo. It was not located.

Narcotics Complaint – 900 blk Goat Trail Loop Rd.

A caller reported a black backpack with “narcotics items” had been left in the area for the past three days. There were no narcotics in the bag. It was booked into evidence as found property.

Fraud – 5400 blk H.P. Blvd.

A resident reported that his father had received phone calls from someone telling him he won a lottery in Nigeria. An officer confirmed that it was a scam and urged the caller’s father not to send any money.

Traffic Collision – 800 blk SR-525

An officer was dispatched to the above area for a bus vs. car collision. The officer was still on scene at the time of this report.

Fight – 84th St. & SR-525

Officers were dispatched to an area check for two males fighting along the side of the roadway. The subjects were gone on arrival.

Abandoned Vehicle – 4400 blk 106th St. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to a report of a vehicle parked in the parking lot. The vehicle was legally parked and had a business card on it with a note indicating that the driver had been taken to the hospital.

Party Complaint – 5100 blk 125th Pl. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to a report of a loud party. They agreed to quiet down. The fire department had also previously been dispatched for a report of a fire in the backyard of the residence that was determined to be a legal recreational fire.

Assist Law – 4500 blk H.P. Blvd.

Lynnwood police requested that officers check the location for the owner of a pre-paid cell phone from which someone made a suspicious call about a possible shooting in Lynnwood. Mukilteo officers were unable to locate anyone at the location. A subject was later taken into custody in Lynnwood where it appeared she had been stealing construction material and made the call about the shooting to divert attention away from her during a K9 track.

July 19

Traffic Collision –10100 blk SR-525

An officer responded to the parking lot for a collision. Both vehicles were backing when they collided. There were no injuries.

Patrol Information – SR-525

The police department was advised that the ferry terminal would be closed for repairs on July 20 from 12:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Juvenile Problem – 4900 blk 81st Pl. S.W.

A resident reported that juveniles were playing near his fence and being loud. He said that when he confronted them, they yelled at him. He was concerned that his vehicle might be “messed with.” The officer was still en route at the time of this report.

Extra Patrol – 4500 blk 75th St. S.W.

A homeowner requests extra patrol of his residence. The residence was recently egged and he believes that one of his son’s acquaintances is responsible.

Suspicious – 5000 blk Freeport Ln.

A resident requested a phone call regarding a sexually explicit text message she received last night. The officer provided the caller with various resources to prevent receiving similar texts in the future.

Noise Complaint – 1900 blk SR-525

An officer was dispatched to a report of a loud television or stereo in the area. The officer determined that the caller had likely been hearing thunder from an active storm in the area at the time.

Juvenile Problem – 84th St. & SR-525

An officer contacted three 12-year-old boys skateboarding near 7-Eleven at 3 a.m. during an electrical storm. They had left home without permission and were transported back home to their parents.

July 20

Assist Law

SR-526 & 84th St. S.W.

An officer checked the roadway in the above area for a male in a gray running suit possibly trying to get hit by passing cars. The male was not located.

1 Car Blocking Crash – 5th St. & SR-525

Vehicle 1 was following Vehicle 2 southbound on SR-525 at 5th St. Vehicle 2 stopped suddenly at the traffic signals at that location and Vehicle 1 struck it from behind. There were no injuries.

DWLS 3 – 800 blk SR-525

An officer stopped a vehicle for failing to stop for pedestrians waiting at a crosswalk and discovered that she was driving with a suspended license. The driver was cited and the passenger with a valid license drove away.

Check Welfare – 8500 blk SR-525

Officers responded to the location regarding a white male who was refusing to leave. He agreed to wait peacefully for the taxi to Sea-Tac already ordered.

Harassment – 8400 blk Smugglers Cove Ln.

A resident at the above location reported a former neighbor had pulled into the driveway, honked the horn and then swore at him. The subject was not located.

Trespass – 8500 blk SR-525

A male subject from the above check welfare call was back at the location refusing to leave. He was given a trespass warning and left to wait for the taxi.

Traffic Hazard –12200 blk of Double Eagle Dr.

Officers responded to a report of a large tree down blocking the entire roadway at the above location. Public Works removed the tree.

Suspicious – 4400 blk 92nd St. S.W.

A resident reported an abandoned black backpack on the sidewalk across from his driveway. An officer checked the area for it, but the backpack was gone.

Juvenile Problem – 900 blk 1st St.

Officers were dispatched to a report of six kids at the tank farm. Officers located three adults inside the fenced area. They were all warned and a report was taken.

Unwanted Subject – 5200 blk 107th St. S.W.

A resident reported an ex-roommate was at her door scaring her kids. The ex-roommate had left the area prior to an officer’s arrival. The officer provided the resident with information on how to obtain a court order.

DUI – 11700 blk SR-525

A caller reported a white Lexus that was driving erratically and almost crashed into the center median several times. An officer was able to make a traffic stop on the vehicle and the driver. The driver was arrested for driving under the influence after failing standard field sobriety tests. The driver provided two breath samples of .197 and .204 on the breathalyzer. She was cited and released to a friend. The vehicle was impounded.

July 21

Animal Problem – Lighthouse Park

A caller reported a seal pup on the beach near the south side of the boat launch. It had been reported on July 20 to the seal watch group and the area was cordoned off to keep people away from the pup.

Boat Crash/Assault 2 – Lighthouse Park

Officers responded to the park regarding a report of a boater hitting two other boats at the launch and then attempting to leave. Officers discovered that a boater had driven his boat up the middle of two lines of boats waiting at the floats to either launch or recover. In process, the boater struck two of the waiting boats and then it appeared that the boater was leaving without providing insurance information. The owner of one of the boats that were struck got in front of the truck the striking boat was loaded on and demanded to see the insurance information. The driver of the truck, (not the boat operator) gunned the engine and knocked the man in front to the ground. He then drove into the parking lot to provide the insurance information. The case referred to the prosecutor for a possible second-degree assault charge against the driver of the truck.

Extra Patrol – 11100 blk 60th Ave. W.

A resident requested extra night time patrols because he found a broken bottle near his car this morning. His car was prowled six years ago, and he thinks someone is messing with the car now.

Lost Child – 1600 blk Goat Trail Loop Rd.

A resident reported a 14-year-old child missing for the past half hour. As the officer was checking the area, the resident called back and reported the child had returned.

Noise Complaint – 12300 blk H.P. Blvd.

A resident reported loud music in the area. There was a wedding reception in the area, and the participants agreed to shut the doors.

Animal Complaint – 4600 blk Northport Dr.

A resident reported a barking dog at a neighbor’s house. An officer observed a dog barking for more than 15 minutes in the backyard. The officer left a notice on the front door.

July 22

Animal Problem – Paine Field Blvd.

An officer checked Paine Field Boulevard for a deer reported in the roadway. The deer was not located.

Lost iPhone – Lighthouse Park

A caller reported losing her white iPhone in a pink case at the park on July 21 between 7 and 9 p.m. There were no reports of any found phones.

Animal Problem – Lighthouse Park

A caller complained that the area of the boat launch between the floats was closed off because a seal pup was there. He wanted the boat launch opened. He was advised that the animal was federally protected and was not going to be disturbed. The area was going to remain closed.

Juvenile Problem – SR-525 & SR-526

An officer checked the area for juveniles trying to climb and to break the banner holder. The youths were not located.

Traffic Complaint – 4800 blk H.P. Blvd.

A caller reported vehicles doing donuts in the parking lot for the last 30 minutes. Officers located five vehicles parked in the parking lot. The subjects admitted to doing donuts, were verbally warned, and left to go home.

June 23

Burglary – 11700 blk SR-525

An officer responded to a burglary that occurred during the previous night. An unknown actor used a key from a lockbox that had been kept behind the business. The safe was pried open and an undetermined amount of cash was taken. There is surveillance video of the suspect. The case is under investigation.

Suspicious – 700 blk 5th St.

A resident reported that someone has been cutting down some of the smaller trees on his property. He requested extra patrol.

Traffic Collision – 5th Street & SR-525

The officers responded to the above intersection for a two-vehicle collision. Vehicle 1 was in the ferry lane, failed to stop for the red light and was struck by Vehicle 2. There were no injuries.

Disturbance – 4500 blk H.P. Blvd.

Officers responded to the above location for a 911 hang up. Upon arrival, a woman said that she had been arguing with her husband and said that he had punched holes in the TV and was throwing her pictures away. She said that during the argument, he had pushed her, but said that she was not injured and did not feel as though she had been assaulted. They agreed to separate for the night and he agreed not to break anything else.

Assist to Aid – 1100 blk 2nd St.

Officers were dispatched to the Boys and Girls Club on a report of a man in his 60s who collapsed on the volleyball court and was being administered CPR. The male was transported by aid to the hospital.

Welfare Check – Chennault Beach Rd. & SR-525

Officers were dispatched to check the welfare of a subject stumbling along the sidewalk. Contact was made with a woman who stated she was walking to Everett. She did not appear to be in need of medical attention, and declined an offer of transport to a shelter or the MHP Triage Center. She was ultimately transported to Evergreen Way & SR-526 at her request.

Theft – 1100 blk 2nd St.

A subject reported his cellphone was stolen while he was at the Boys and Girls Club earlier in the day. He did not have any suspect information.

Harassment – 11700 blk SR-525

A resident reported an ongoing problem with harassment via phone. The case is under investigation.

Area Check-DUI – Beverly Park Rd. & SR-525

An officer was dispatched to an area check for a possible DUI. The vehicle was located and stopped for multiple violations. The sober driver was cited for no valid operators license.

Suspicious – 3800 blk H.P. Blvd.

An employee at AM/PM reported that a 20-year-old male tried to purchase alcohol 30 minutes earlier. The subject was not found.

July 24

Animal Complaint – 13200 blk Harbour Heights Dr .

A resident reported an ongoing problem with the neighbor’s dog barking and jumping over her fence.

Burglary – 4200 blk Russell Rd.

A resident reported that sometime during the previous night someone broke the lockbox off of the front of the building and used the key inside to enter his business. Multiple items were missing, including two bicycles, wet suits and a GPS unit as well as some cash.

Suspicious – 900 blk Park Ave.

A resident called from Providence Hospital to report a suspicious circumstance. She said that she received a phone call from someone who said they were with her alarm company. They said they were having a problem with her home security system. The resident was concerned because she told them that she was not at home. Officers checked her house and it was secure. The resident requested extra patrol this evening.

Suspicious – 3900 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

An employee at Extended Stay reported a female who had just checked out was in the parking lot and possibly under the influence of “something.” Officers located the subject, who appeared to be lucid. She said that she was going to catch a bus to Bothell. She denied any drug usage.

Traffic Collision – 10800 blk SR-525

An officer responded to the above location for a two-vehicle collision that occurred earlier in the day. The drivers had initially agreed to exchange information but later agreed to contact the police. There were no injuries.

Assist to Fire – 8100 blk 44th Ave. W.

The fire department requested an officer responded to the above area to assist with wires down blocking traffic. The officer was still on scene at the time of this report.

Juvenile Problem – 5th Street & SR-525

An officer was dispatched to the above area for a report of juveniles bungee jumping from a bridge. The officer was still en route at the time of this report.

Fraud – 5200 blk 84th St. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to the location for a credit card fraud report. A resident reported that his credit card number had been used without his authorization.

Animal Complaint – 9400 blk 53rd Ave. W.

An officer was dispatched to the location for a complaint about a neighbor’s large black dog in the front yard. The dog apparently belonged nearby and had gotten loose due to a malfunctioning invisible fence.

Traffic Complaint – 5th St. & SR-525

An officer was dispatched to a report of a vehicle passing the complainant’s vehicle using the ferry holding lanes. A caller said the vehicle had not been cutting the line but was traveling 35 mph into the ferry lane and then back into the non-ferry lane.

Warrant Service – 3800 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

An officer made a traffic stop on a vehicle and arrested the driver for an outstanding Everett Municipal Court arrest warrant for theft. He was booked at the Snohomish County Jail.

Noise Complaint – 12500 blk Eagles Nest Dr.

An officer was dispatched to a complaint of loud juveniles in the nearby woods and park. The officer contacted two different groups of juveniles who were cooperative and agreed to leave.

DUI – H.P. Blvd. S.W. & SR-525

An officer was dispatched to a report of a possible DUI. The officer located the suspected vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. The driver was not driving under the influence but was very tired.

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