Police Beat for week of June 13

Jun 13, 2012

June 5

Warrant Service –10500 blk 47th Pl. W.

A subject came to the station to ask a question about a citation he had received some time ago from another agency. A record check revealed a confirmed warrant for him out of South Snohomish County. Officers arrested him and took him to Snohomish County Jail, where the warrant was served.

Civil Problem –12500 blk Evergreen Dr.

A company reported that they have not received a vehicle that they purchased as a part of a fleet of trucks several years ago. The truck received a red light ticket and the notice was sent to their office. It is believed that a former employee of the firm that sold the trucks still has and is using the truck. The case is under investigation.

Suspicious Incident – 600 blk 3rd St.

A resident reported that a man had just called her to confirm that he was buying her house and that she was buying his. She does not have her house for sale. Officers went to her house to check on security.

2 Car Crash –13200 blk Beverly Park Rd.

Vehicle 2 stopped for school bus Vehicle 1 failed to stop striking Vehicle 2 from behind.

Assist Fire – 5500 blk Harbour Pointe Blvd.

Mukilteo Fire requested officers respond to their call of a possible drug overdose. Aid personnel transported a subject to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Collision – Beverly Park Rd. & SR-525

Officers responded to a two-car injury collision at the above location. The collision occurred south of the city and the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office responded and investigated the collision.

Suspicious – 1400 blk W. Horizon Dr.

A caller reported that a black sedan parked at the above abandoned residence, a male and female got out, jumped the fence and approached the house. A short time later, however, they came back over the fence and then left in the vehicle. The male and female were not located. The officers located numerous unlocked windows and searched the residence, but found no evidence that they had been inside.

June 6

Suspicious Person – 4800 blk Ellis Way

Officers were dispatched for a male carrying an air rifle in the area. The male was contacted in a greenbelt behind the location and reported.

Warrant Arrest – 4300 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

An officer performed a traffic stop on a vehicle for a cellphone violation. While on the stop the driver was checked for wants in the computer system and found to have a misdemeanor warrant out of Mukilteo for fail to transfer a vehicle title. He was arrested and booked into Snohomish County Jail.

Injury Collision – 10900 blk SR-525

While on the above cal, a six-vehicle collision occurred in the 10900 block of SR-525. One motorist was transported for head wounds and all others were treated at the collision scene.

Suspicious – Smugglers Cove Ln.

A resident reported seeing an older blue SUV (unknown license) occupied by 3-4 subjects, driving slowly though the area this afternoon. He requests extra patrol.

Traffic Complaint – 44th & 88th Streets

An officer was dispatched to an area check for two juveniles riding off-road motorcycles recklessly on the roadway. They were gone on arrival.

Animal Complaint – 40th St. & SR-526

A motorist reported that a deer was walking close to the roadway and he was concerned it would be hit by a car. The deer was not found.

Suspicious – 8800 blk 53rd Pl. W.

A resident reported that two subjects associated with a church had been at his front door refusing to leave and were now at the neighbor’s residence. Contact was made with two subjects, who said they were affiliated with “The Church of God” and that they had just finished proselyting for the evening.

Warrant Arrest – Lynnwood Police Department

Lynnwood police arrested a subject on a warrant out of Mukilteo for a drug violation. A Mukilteo officer transported the subject to the Snohomish County Jail, where he was booked on the warrant.

Animal Complaint – 8400 blk 54th Pl. W.

An officer was dispatched to an area check for a barking dog. A warning notice was left at the listed residence.

Suspicious – 4500 blk H.P. Blvd.

A passerby reported seeing three males dressed in dark clothing standing near the entrance to the location. The subjects reportedly ducked down between two cars as the passerby drove by. Officers did not locate the subjects or any obvious signs of vehicle prowls in the area.

June 7

Theft – 5600 blk H.P. Blvd.

An officer responded to the above address in regards to a theft that possibly occurred between Sept. 15 and June 3. The unit is currently for sale, and the owner believes that the theft could have occurred during an open house or by the previous tenants.

Attempt to Contact – 1800 blk Hewitt Ave.

Officers performed an electronic home monitoring check on a subject at the location. The officers contacted the subject and found him in violation of his EHM conditions. The officer checked him for alcohol use and recorded a PBT reading of .043.

Residential Burglary – 7700 blk SR-525

The victim of a residential burglary came to the police station to file a report. The officer responded to the above address and completed an investigation of the burglary complaint. No other information was available.

Public Assist – 11100 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

A caller requested assistance contacting the owner of an unoccupied vehicle with Montana license plates that had a tree fall on it. The officer was unable to locate the owner.

Suspicious – 12500 blk SR-525

A caller reported that a male who had been at the drive-thru window appeared disoriented and had injected something into his leg prior to driving away in a white Ford truck. The subject was not located.

Criminal Traffic – Harbour Reach Dr. & Possession Way

An officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and subsequently cited the driver for driving with a suspended license in the third degree.

Animal Complaint – 4800 blk 102nd Pl. S.W.

A homeowner reported that a small raccoon was stuck between two boards of his fence. An officer assisted the homeowner in freeing the raccoon.

June 8

Assist SCSO – 4700 blk Park Dr.

Officers responded to the above apartment at the request of a Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office deputy to locate a subject for which there was probable cause for fourth-degree assault, domestic violence. Officers located the subject at the above apartment and transported him to the old food pavilion at Lincoln Avenue and SR-525 and the deputy arrested the subject and took him into custody.

Harassment – 4700 blk Park Dr.

A resident’s ex-girlfriend was calling and bothering his family. Officer contacted the ex-girlfriend, who agreed to stop contacting the caller’s family.

Animal Problem – 9300 blk 61st Ave. W.

A complainant called regarding a wild bird stuck in his chimney. The Animal Control officer gave the caller some options for dealing with the situation.

Harassment (Felony/Malicious Mischief DV) – 5000 blk 84th St. S.W.

A resident reported her ex-boyfriend had just kicked in the apartment door and had threatened to kill her. Officers contacted her ex and confirmed that he had kicked down the door to the apartment. He was booked on a charge of felony harassment.

Vehicle Prowl – 10100 blk SR-525

A victim came out to find a key wedged into a door lock, and the doors of her vehicle unlocked. The only items missing were some bags of Starbucks coffee.

2 Car, Non-injury Crash – 3800 blk H.P. Blvd. S.W.

Vehicle 1 was stopped in entrance to parking lot at the above location waiting to enter Harbour Pointe Boulevard S.W. Vehicle 1 backed up to keep out of the travel lane on the boulevard. Vehicle 1 struck Vehicle 2 by backing into its front end.

Juvenile Problem – 4600 blk H.P. Blvd.

Officers responded to the area behind the location regarding up to seven juveniles possibly using drugs and drinking alcohol. Officers contacted one subject. Officers saw him drinking from a bottle of whiskey. By the time Officers got to the subject, the bottle had disappeared, along with some of the juveniles gathered around him. The subject stated that he had lived in the neighborhood until he had to move out from home and is now homeless. He was warned about the penalties for providing liquor to minors.

Theft 2 – 2600 blk SR-525

A resident reported the theft of a musical instrument at the location. The case is under investigation.

Lost Child – 2200 blk SR-525

An officer called a complainant regarding her autistic 8-year-old-son being missing from school. He had not arrived at his father’s house, and had not gone to his mother’s house either. The boy was located safe and sound with the mother’s new husband.

Assist Fire –12200 blk Cyrus Rd.

Officers responded to the above area regarding locating a possible structure fire. It appeared that there was a large plume of smoke from the area. Officers located a burn barrel in the area.

June 9

Animal Complaint – 9300 blk 61st Ave. W.

A resident requested contact from an officer regarding a crow stuck in her chimney. The officer referred her to pest control agencies.

Vehicle Prowl – 5300 blk H.P. Blvd.

Officer was dispatched to a vehicle prowl at the above location. A resident’s black Ford truck was entered sometime within the last week. Nothing was taken and there was no damage. The caller did not want to file a report at this time, as he was out of state at time of call.

Law Assist – Mukilteo Blvd. & Mukilteo Ln.

Everett police requested an officer assist with containment at the above location for a burglary that had just occurred at the 3200 block W. of Mukilteo Blvd. An officer responded and assisted with containment.

Trespass – 6700 blk Waterton Cir.

An officer responded to a report of trespassers at the above location. The caller reported juveniles on the private trail and a car parked illegally at the trail entrance. Upon arrival, the juveniles were not located, but an infraction was posted on the illegally parked vehicle.

Commercial Burglary –13000 blk Beverly Park Rd.

An officer responded to the above address for a commercial burglary. The case is under investigation. No other information was available.

Hit-and-Run Collision – 11700 blk SR-525

An officer responded to the location for a hit-and-run collision report. Upon arrival, it was determined that the collision occurred near 44th and 84th streets. Vehicle 1 left the scene without the exchange of any information. The case is under investigation.

Suspicious Vehicle – 8400 blk 54th Ave. W.

A resident called to report a female had just run from the neighbor’s house and fled in a car. The caller thought this was suspicious, as there have been burglaries in the neighborhood. It was determined to have been the neighbor’s daughter.

Animal Complaint – 5600 blk 95th Pl. W.

A resident reported a barking dog at the above location, barking for two hours. Upon arrival, an officer observed two dogs through a gate at the location. One dog was barking continuously. Contact was attempted at the residence, but no one answered. The incident will be forwarded to Animal Control.

Traffic Complaint– SR-526 & Paine Field Blvd.

A caller reported a limousine driving slowly with three vehicles following it with their flashers on. He reported subjects hanging out of the limousine. The vehicle was last seen pulling into the Future of Flight Aviation Center. The limo was not located.

Warrant Arrest– 4500 blk H.P. Blvd.

While on patrol, officers noticed an intoxicated female staggering on the sidewalk. She said she was with her ex-boyfriend at the nearby apartments when things got “emotional,” so she left. Officers contacted her ex-boyfriend at the apartment. No argument or assault took place, but the ex-boyfriend had a warrant out of Edmonds for driving with a suspended license in the third degree with $1,100 bail. He was arrested and Edmonds police transported and booked him to the Snohomish County Jail.

June 10

Ordinance Violation – Lighthouse Park

An officer responded to the boat launch regarding a report from a park worker that people were fishing and swimming from the boat launch floats. The people all left when advised by the officer. There were no additional calls.

Residential Burglary –10800 blk 53rd Ave. W.

The above residence was broken into. The case is under investigation. No other information was available.

Theft 3 – 10800 blk 53rd Pl. W.

Overnight, unknown actors dug out a plant and stole it. A neighbor saw the incident and ran them off.

Suspicious Incidents – 4900 blk 81st Pl. S.W.

A resident called repeatedly reporting a vehicle loaned to a friend that was being used by someone else who had a warrant. During several calls the situation changed several times and eventually she reported that three weeks ago some of her bank checks were stolen from the apartment that she shares with her sister. She agreed to compile her information and report the incident later in the week. She stated that the checks had been cancelled with the bank.

Theft 3 –12400 blk Evergreen Dr.

A caller reported from Snohomish, that her cellphone that she had left in a desk drawer at the above location had been stolen. She said that the phone had used three minutes of data before she had it shut off. She agreed to come in to the station to file a report. As of the time of this report, she had not arrived.

DUI/Hit & Run/DWLS 2/Fail to Obey/Assault 4 – 600 blk Front Street

A caller reported that a white Ford Mustang struck her vehicle. She said the driver was intoxicated and left the scene. While en-route, officers spotted the vehicle and attempted to stop it. The vehicle failed to yield to officer’s lights and sirens for nine blocks. The vehicle eventually stopped and the driver was detained. The driver was uncooperative and would not speak to officers. Officers contacted the caller’s husband. He said the driver grabbed him and pulled his watch off after the collision as his wife was trying to prevent him from driving away. The driver was arrested for DUI, hit and run, driving with a suspended license, failure to obey an officer and fourth-degree assault. His vehicle was impounded by Sparky’s Towing. While at the police station, he refused the breathalyzer test. He was released to his wife.

Theft 3 – 7600 blk 48th Ave. W.

While on patrol, an officer observed two subjects walking on 76th Street, carrying a tire. They said they found a tire on the side of the street and were going to try it on their vehicle, which had a flat. Officers located a vehicle at the above location that was on a jack and was missing a tire. An officer contacted the vehicle’s owner, who identified the tire that the subjects were carrying as theirs. The tire was returned to the owner. One of the subjects admitted to taking the tire. The adult subject was cited for third-degree theft; the charges are being forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor’s office for the juvenile party. They were released to the juvenile’s mother.

Noise Complaint – 4900 blk 131st St. S.W.

A resident reported sounds of kids singing in the area. An officer contacted multiple subjects at the above location. They had loud music playing and agreed to turn it off.

June 11

Animal Complaint – 8000 blk SR-525

A caller reported that there was a deer trapped in fenced area and could not get out. Officers opened a gate and the deer ran into an open area.

Vehicle Theft –100 blk Park Ave.

A resident reported that sometime during the previous night someone took his gray, 2003 Chevy pickup. It was entered into the computer system as stolen.

Theft –12400 blk Evergreen Dr.

A caller reported that sometime during the past week her cellphone was taken from a desk drawer in a classroom at church. The case is under investigation.

Juvenile Problem –10800 blk H.P. Blvd.

An officer responded to the police station for a harassment report. A woman reported that girls were making fun of her daughter via Facebook. There were no threats made. The officer suggested that she leave Facebook for a while.

Welfare Check –122nd Pl. S.W. & Championship Cir.

A caller reported an elderly female was lost and appeared to be confused. She said she was here from Canada visiting her daughter. She said that she went for a walk and could not find her way back. An officer located her daughter out looking for her, a few blocks away.

Suspicious – 88th St. S.W. & SR-525

A resident reported a white Trailblazer was driving slowly through the neighborhood looking at houses. He said that he was concerned because of recent burglaries in the area. The vehicle was not located.

Attempt to Contact –100 blk 87th Ave. N.E. Lake Stevens

Officers responded to the above location to contact a client on electronic home monitoring. He was in violation of terms and his case will be referred to Everett District Court for review.

Felony Harassment DV –13400 blk 46th Pl. W.

Officers responded to the above residence for a report of a male fighting with his father. Upon arrival it was determined that a subject had been arguing with his brother and brother-in-law as a follow-up to a fight they had the previous day in Chelan. He was eventually locked out of the house. He attempted to gain entry with holding an expandable baton and a small ax while making threats to cut and kill them. He was booked into the Snohomish County Jail on the above charge.

Fraud –12000 blk Wilmington Way

A resident reported receiving a fraudulent check in the mail. No more information was available at the time of this report.

Assault –12700 blk SR-525

Officers responded to the 7-11 for a report of a fight with weapons involved. The employee reported that two males were fighting and one was armed with a metal bar. The caller reported that he purchased a pack of cigarettes for a female named “Cindy.” When he brought them out to her he asked her to pay for them. He said that the boyfriend then exited the vehicle and attacked him. They both fell into the store window, causing it to crack. The caller said that the male hit him in the mouth and broke one of his teeth. Suspects left the scene northbound on Beverly Park Road in a black Lincoln Navigator. They were not located.

Traffic Collision – H.P. S.W. & SR-525

Officers responded to the above intersection for a report of a two-vehicle collision with the parties getting verbal with each other. Vehicle 2 was backing out of a parking space and was struck by Vehicle 1 that was entering the parking lot.

Traffic Collision – H.P. Blvd. S.W. & SR-525

Vehicle 2 stopped for the officers who responded to the above call and was struck from behind by Vehicle 1. There were no injuries.

Juvenile Problem/Trespass – 2600 blk SR-525

Officers were dispatched to a report of four juveniles on the roof of the Olympic View Middle School gym. Officers detained four juveniles observed on the roof of the gym. The juveniles claimed they went onto the roof to get a ball seen from the ground. An officer released all four juveniles and each of their parents was notified of the incident.

Juvenile Runaway/AOA – 13400 blk Beverly Park Rd.

An officer was dispatched to the parking lot of the police station for a report of a juvenile missing from the listed address (in the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction). The officer referred the juvenile’s mother to the SCSO. The juvenile was later entered into the computer system by the SCSO as a missing person. She is described as a Caucasian female, about 5’ 6”, 220 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes, last seen wearing jean shorts, a black shirt and a short-sleeved flannel shirt. The juvenile reportedly left her cellphone at home and has not reportedly run away from home before.

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