Police Beat for week of June 27

Jun 27, 2012

June 20

Burglary –

5300 Blk 93rd Pl SW

A caller reported a burglary that occurred sometime between 5:30 p.m. last night and 7 a.m. this date.

Noise Complaint –

13100 Blk 44th Ave West

7:30 a.m. seems too dog-on early for cutting the lawn, but police told a sleep-deprived resident there was no ordinance prohibiting it. She agreed to try to talk to her neighbor about resolving the issue.

Animal Complaint –

4800 Blk Hartford Way

Shut up already!

An anonymous caller reported a dog had been barking all day long behind the above location.  The officer contacted the resident nearby and informed him of the complaint.

Assault 4 DV –

8500 Blk Naketa Beach Drive

A caller from Kirkland reported that her daughter in Mukilteo was being assaulted by her husband.  Upon arrival it was determined that the husband had held down his wife and tried to forcibly remove her wedding ring from her finger.  He was booked into the Snohomish County Jail.

Missing Person Endangered (Located) –

6200 Blk 102nd ST SW

A caller reported that her husband had been missing since about 3 p.m. The husband was later located in Shoreline and found to be in good condition.  He had apparently been driving around Shoreline looking for his wife.  A King County Sheriff’s deputy transported the husband home.

Suspicious Circumstances –

11400 Blk Cyrus Way

An officer located subjects removing wooden pallets from behind the business and loading them into a 1997 Geo Prizm.  The subjects reported that they had been given permission to remove the pallets from the location but acknowledged they were supposed to do so during the day when the business was open.

Noise Complaint –

4600 Blk Harbour Pointe Blvd.

It’s in the ears of the beholder…

An officer was dispatched to a complaint of a loud carpet cleaning truck at the location.  The carpet cleaner was advised of the complaint, but the noise did not appear excessive to the officer.  The cleaner advised he was almost finished and there were no further complaints.

Vehicle Prowl –

600 Blk 3rd Street

Officers were dispatched to a report of a subject using a cell phone as a flashlight and looking inside cars but not entering any.  The subject was seen walking from the area, drinking a beer, and described as a Caucasian male in his 20s, bald, about 5-10 with a medium build wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.

Officers checked the area but did not locate the subject.  They did locate one prowled vehicle across the street, but the victim wasn’t sure if anything was missing.


June 2

Agency Assist –

4900 blk 81st Place SW

Tulalip police requested an officer contact a subject and ask if she knew where her car was.  They had stopped the vehicle, and both subjects inside had felony warrants.  She told the officer that the vehicle was not stolen and that she had loaned it to the two subjects.

Vehicle Prowl –

1300 Blk Crownmill Ave.

A victim reported that sometime during the previous night an unknown actor entered his truck.  Miscellaneous hand tools and some change were missing.  There was no damage to the vehicle.

Juvenile Problem –

10801 Harbour Pt Blvd

An officer was dispatched to Kamiak regarding a fight between two students.  Two females had agreed to meet near the commons to fight.  One of the parties left prior to the officer’s arrival.

Trespassing –

1201 Mukilteo Lane

Terry with BNSF requested a call regarding juveniles on the tracks in Japanese Gulch.  When an officer called him, he said that he was just arriving in the area, and the juveniles were gone.  He said that he would call back if there were any further problems.

Assist to Fire –

5900 Block Chennault Beach Dr,

Officers responded to the above location for a report of an unconscious 16-year-old male.  Prior to arrival, fire officials advised that the male was conscious, alert and breathing normally.  The male told the medics that he had been at a Red Robin and became sick after drinking alcohol.  He said that he did not know where the alcohol came from.

His friends (who had not been drinking) said that he was already intoxicated when he arrived at the Red Robin.  He was transported to Colby by the aid unit.

ID Theft

7000 blk 48th Ave. W

A caller reported that her credit card had been used without her authorization in Seattle.  The suspects also used the card to purchase tickets on an airline.  The case is under investigation.

Animal Complaint

9500 blk 49th Place W

An officer responded for a report of an injured cat loose near the above location.  The caller told the officer that the cat looked emaciated but not necessarily injured.  She said that she would attempt to capture it and transport it to PAWS.

Animal Complaint

13200 blk 42nd Ave. W

Easter leftovers?…

A caller reported that she found a pet rabbit in her yard and did not know to whom it belonged.  The officer informed her that PAWS does not take rabbits.  She said that she would try to find the owner.

Suspicious –

Lighthouse Park

An officer was dispatched to the park on a report of an intoxicated female vomiting, and several other subjects consuming alcohol.  Officers located a small group, and they agreed to leave.  The female was evaluated at the scene by an aid unit.

Suspicious –

500 Blk 3rd St.

A homeowner reported there was a suspicious, occupied vehicle parked in front of her residence for several minutes.  An officer contacted the occupant of the vehicle and determined she lived in the neighborhood and was just using her cell phone.

Traffic Hazard –

Ferry Terminal

A disaster waiting to happen…

An officer was dispatched to a report of a motorhome towing a loaded horse trailer that had a flat tire.  The officer assisted the driver in temporarily inflating the tire so that she could board the ferry and return home.

Suspicious/Theft –

600 Blk Front St.

A victim called 911 from the Clinton area to report that approx. 2 hours earlier subjects took his wallet and cell phone.  He said he was leaving for Hawaii in the morning to return to his military unit but might try to come to the police department first to provide a statement.


June 22

3-Car Injury Crash

11800 Blk SR525

A driver was cited for Inattentive Driving after plowing into a car stopped in a row of vehicles at a red light. The car he hit was pushed into a third car, and both of those drivers were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Area Check-DUI

Beverly Park Road @ SR525

An off-duty Loss Prevention employee reported he had been following a possible DUI in a white Jeep that was now repeatedly circling the Chevron parking lot. An officer contacted the driver inside the store and determined he had not been drinking; in fact, he had become frightened when the reporting party started following him, so he went into the Chevron and asked an employee to call 911.


June 23

Suspicious Circumstances

3900 Blk HP Blvd.

An unwanted guest dismantled an air conditioner, then crawled into a room he had not rented. A desk clerk told police the suspect had been acting strange for several hours before the break-in. When officers entered the room, they found the suspect sleeping. They also found evidence of recent drug use, ie; several pieces of tin foil with burn residue on them. The suspect, told he wasn’t welcome there, agreed to leave.

Found Property

600 Blk Park Ave.

A resident found a box of tools stashed on her property. She ventured that the tools may have been stolen and hidden on her property for later retrieval. She noted that she and her neighbors also had seen a suspicious vehicle, a red Saturn SUV, that seemed to be cruising the neighborhood.


June 24

Felony Harassment

1400 Blk Mukilteo Lane

Police are looking for a suspect who allegedly assaulted his wife and a 2-year-old child. The victim’s daughter, who called police, said her father hit her mother and threw the child against a wall in anger. The victim said her husband told her he was going to kill her and finish it this time. The suspect fled in a black Mercedes when he learned the police had been called. The two victims were transported to the hospital.

Suspicious Incident

Mukilteo Area

A caller reported finding suicidal statements on a friend’s Facebook page. Dispatch was able to locate the residence and found the friend lived in unincorporated Snohomish County. The call was then transferred to the Sheriff’s office.

Verbal DV

1100 Blk 5th St.

A caller reported sounds of kids screaming and crying in the area. She thought someone was being tortured in Japanese Gulch. Officers contacted two  people near the gulch and found they had been arguing, but no assault had occurred.

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