Police Beat for week of March 27

Mar 27, 2013

March 19

Welfare Check – 1100 blk 3rd St.

A concerned called asked officers to check on her son and his girlfriend. The officers attempted to do so, but got no answer at the door.

Information – 5200 blk 107th St. S.W.

A caller reported that she was physically assaulted while trying to serve a court order last night. She said a subject waved some papers in her face when she tried to serve her father with the order. The incident didn’t appear to constitute an assault.

And you knew his age… how?

Juvenile Problem – 5300 blk 84th St. SW

A caller reported a suspicious 16-year-old male walking up and down the street. The juvenile was gone when police arrived.

Suspicious – 5300 blk H.P. Blvd.

Recognizing a burglary suspect from a previous incident, a woman reported seeing him wandering around behind the apartment complex. She said he had been caught committing a burglary in the same area in February. She said that he was wearing a black coat, a black beanie and had a black backpack. She said that the backpack was “full of stuff.” The officers checked the area but he was not located.

Open Door – 12500 blk 52nd Pl. W.

The front door to an abandoned house had been forced open. Officers found the door was splintered near the handle, and the lock was broken. There was a replacement lock on the floor inside. There was no one inside. The house was posted as vacant and bank owned.

Harassment – Mukilteo

A woman in Los Angeles called police here to report she was receiving harassing phone calls from her ex-boyfriend, who lives in Mukilteo. She said she would report the incident to LAPD as well.

Burglary – 12600 blk 55th Ave. W.

Police believe a burglar entered an occupied home through the garage. The residents reported waking up at 5 a.m. and discovered the home’s front door and a rear window were open. A checkbook containing more than $1,000 in cash was missing from the desk of the resident’s home office. Officers found pry marks on the exterior of a window and on an open rear door in the garage. Police said it appeared the burglar entered through the garage, stole the checkbook and cash, and left through the front door.

March 20

This wasn’t in the job description

Traffic Hazard – 900 Washington Ave.

An officer cleared garbage cans from the middle of the road due to high winds.

Twit tweets

Disorderly Conduct – 1400 blk Goat Trail Loop Rd.

Responding to a report of a disorderly subject, officers determined that the caller was reporting that a suspect was taunting her with text messages. The suspect wasn’t on the scene, so officers told the caller to get a restraining order and start the formal eviction process.

Residential Burglary – 1000 blk 13th Ct.

Responding to a burglary report, officers arrived at a bank-owned, vacant home several hours after neighbors saw three juveniles leaving the area. Upon checking the house, officers found some $30,000 in damage had been done to the windows and interior of the home.

Involuntary Commitment – 10500 blk Marine View Dr.

Called to a report of verbal domestic violence, officers learned the residents had picked up their son at rehab and found he was manic and they couldn’t manage him. After agreeing to go to the hospital, the son became hostile toward his father. He eventually calmed down and was transported to Providence.

Residential Burglary – 5500 blk 125 Pl. S.W.

Homeowners were still trying to determine what was taken after returning home after a week away and finding the home had been ransacked.

Residential Burglary – 12600 blk 54th Ave. W.

Two TVs and a computer were taken in a burglary while the homeowners were in China. The reporting party was checking on the house for the owners when the burglary was discovered. It was unknown what else had been stolen until the homeowners returned.

Civil Standby – 8200 blk SR-525

A business owner asked police to stand by while she opened her business for the morning. She was concerned her ex-boyfriend might stop by and cause problems. He didn’t show up; the officer suggested she look into obtaining a court order.

March 21

Agency Assist – 1300 blk SR-525

Officers responded to the above address at the request of Snohomish County MHP, who advised that she was there to involuntarily commit a subject who had made threats to harm children in the neighborhood because he thought they were spraying him with mace. Subject was involuntarily committed without incident. Aid transported him to Providence Colby Campus.

Residential Burglary – 8800 blk 56th Pl. W.

An officer responded to the above address for a residential burglary report. Upon arrival Officer determined a garage door had been forced open to gain entry into the house. An Ipod and assorted other items had been taken. A witness saw a white full sized pickup truck with a red hand truck sticking out of the back flee the area.

Residential Burglary – 5000 blk 84th St. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to a residential burglary report at the above address. Upon arrival it was determined that the reporting party’s door was found open when she arrived home. A video game set, digital camera and other assorted items had been taken.

Trespass – 1st Street & Park Ave.

An officer was dispatched to an area check for what appeared to be two males that climbed the fence onto the tank farm property. Officers contacted 3 subjects who were preparing to go scuba diving from the property without permission. The juveniles were referred for prosecution for trespassing.

March 22

Suspicious – 5200 blk 107th St. S.W.

A caller reported that a male said that kids these days “blow up” too quickly, and he thought it was inappropriate. After speaking with the caller, it appeared that the male meant that kids anger too quickly. The officer did not contact the male.

Theft – 10200 blk SR-525

No movies for you tonight

An employee caught a 12-year-old boy stealing a bag of popcorn from the store. The store did not want to pursue charges and the officer turned the boy over to his mother.

Mental – 11100 blk Chennault Beach Rd.

A caller reported that he had information about a bomb that was going to go off in Washington D.C. On arrival, the subject said that he wanted to kill himself. He also stepped toward one of the officers and said that he was going to punch his lights out. The fire department transported him to the hospital.

March 23

Suspicious – 5500 blk 112 Place SW

A caller reported that his girlfriend was intoxicated and driving in the area. The officers found the girlfriend inside the above residence. She said that she had been out drinking with the caller, and had driven the babysitter home. She said that the caller was probably upset because she did not immediately return home. She agreed not to drive anymore this evening and said that she would walk back home (about two blocks). The officers attempted to contact the caller. He was obviously intoxicated and very uncooperative.

March 24

Suspicious – Lighthouse Park

An officer was dispatched to the park for a group possible smoking narcotics. They were using a hookah to smoke tobacco.

March 25

PSP 2/Follow-Up – 84th & SR-525

It’s a small world after all…

A burglary victim was in the drive-thru when he noticed his stolen bicycle was in the back of a truck in the Taco Bell drive-thru in front of him. He took the bike out of the truck as it was driving away. The driver of the truck called 911 a short time later from the Safeway parking lot and told the responding deputy that he may have purchased a stolen bike earlier, which was then taken from him at Taco Bell. The subject was initially unable to provide any details at all about where or how he purchased the bicycle. He was arrested for possession of stolen property and transported to the police station, where he was interviewed by a detective.

Extra Patrol – 5000 blk Graham Way

A new resident wanted officers to know that he recently moved to the location and has been receiving texts from his ex-wife inquiring about his new address. He was concerned because his ex-wife’s current husband was being released from prison soon and believes the subject has slashed his tires in the past and assaulted his son. He request extra patrol.

March 26

Malicious Mischief – 8000 blk 53rd Ave. W.

An officer responded to a report of windows broken on a vacant house on the above property. The officer determined that two windows had been broken. There was no suspect information.

Harassment – 4500 blk H.P. Blvd.

An officer responded to a report of harassing phone calls at the above location. The officer determined that an unknown caller is consistently calling the resident during the night, waking him up. The phone company has requested a case number so that they could trace the number that was calling him. The officer completed a case report and issued a case number for the resident.

Traffic Complaint – SR-525

An officer was dispatched to the above are for a report of an erratic driver in a gray Toyota Camry. The vehicle was gone on arrival.

Traffic Complaint – SR-526

An officer was dispatched to the above area for a report of a gray Lexus with lane travel. The vehicle was gone on arrival.

Welfare Check –12500 blk SR-525

An officer was dispatched to the location for a report of an elderly woman who seemed confused, was asking about different locations and was supposed to be meeting friends but did not know where they are or what they looked like. Prior to arrival, the officer was cancelled as the woman was walking home and knew how to get there. The caller advised she thought the woman would be OK.

Collision – 9000 blk Paine Field Blvd.

Officers responded to a one vehicle roll over collision at the above location. A 16-year-old driver attempted to check his blind spot and in doing so collided with the concrete wall at a high speed, causing the vehicle to roll over. The driver had possible minor injuries and was transported to the hospital by his mother after being checked by aid.

Open Door –10200 blk 50th Pl. W.

Officers were dispatched to an open door at the above residence. It was determined that the front door was kicked in and that the house was a vacant, bank owned house. Officers checked the inside and no one was located.

Missing Person – 5200 blk 81st Pl. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to a missing person report at the police station. A resident advised that her son suffers from mental illness and has not been heard from for about seven weeks. The officer was still investigating at press time.

Traffic Complaint – 11800 blk H. P. Blvd.

An officer was dispatched to an area check for a large truck with poor lane travel. It was gone on arrival.

Residential Burglary – 5300 blk 85th Pl. S.W.

A caller reported his residence was burglarized today between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. The case is under investigation.

Animal Problem – 49th St. & H.P. Blvd.

A motorist struck and killed a cat. It was placed in the Animal Control truck for disposal.

Welfare Check – 3800 blk H. P. Blvd. S.W.

An officer was dispatched to check the welfare of a white male in his 20s who was sitting in the parking lot and appeared to be crying. The subject was not located.

Collision – Paine Field Blvd. & SR-525

Vehicle 1 ran a red light and struck the side of Vehicle 2. There were no injuries.

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