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Feb 26, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

In response to Camille Fitzpatrick’s Feb. 12 letter to the editor [“Livid over apparent racial profiling,” Letters, page 4]:

It’s disheartening to see someone bring up the “race card” in a situation they were neither party to nor had any factual knowledge of, being only a passer-by who saw the Mukilteo police doing their job.

For the record, the police were doing just that – responding to a 911 call. So assuming that the officers just happened to stop (and racially profile) three juveniles is inappropriate.

If it “seems to go without saying that these boys were African American,” then why did you point it out? Why stir the pot?

I hope that the Mukilteo police officers know that the majority of Mukilteo’s citizens trust them and are glad they are there, doing their jobs, keeping citizens’ safety a priority. Even if it means stopping to talk to kids!

Growing up here, the police frequently stopped just to talk with us, to make sure we felt included in the community.

Laurie Hansen,


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Posted by: elaine knapp | Feb 26, 2014 17:01

I second Ms. Hansen's comments.  The writer of the letter alleging racial profiling on the part of Mukilteo Police Officers drove past the officers, did not hear the conversation, but in her hysteria determined that it was a case of racial profiling.  If the parents of the boys involved have a complaint, then they are the ones who should be complaining.

I have had several dealings with Muk's finest.  They are always completely professional, quick to respond, caring where need be (particularly ,with animals) and it is comforting to see them cruising the streets.  I have not met one that I think warrants being called a racial profiler.

Thanks to the all of the officers, from Ms. Hansen and me and the citizens of our community.  Your is not an easy job, but thanks for being there for all of us.

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