Preshaw deserves the vacated council seat | Letter

Dec 23, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

In answer to Tom Howerton’s letter in support of Joe Marine in the Mukilteo Beacon on Dec. 11 [“Perhaps Joe and Jen will team up,” Letters, page 4] – Preshaw deserves the vacant city council position, just off her performance in the election.

Percentages – not necessarily the number of votes cast – tell us where the rest of the votes would go throughout any election race.

Joe Marine and Terry Preshaw ran in two different races, one was for mayor and the other was for the City Council. Joe ran for mayor and lost by 8 percent or so, which is a huge margin, if you draw out the numbers.

Terry Preshaw only lost her election by a half percentage point or so. Half a percent is never a gigantic number, as far as election processes go.

As much I don’t appreciate Ted Wheeler or Joe Marine, if Preshaw would have won over Wheeler, I would have felt that he would have deserved Jennifer Gregerson’s vacated position.

Percentages. It is only fair.

Micheal Young,



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