Prop 2 request is unreasonable | Letter

Feb 05, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

Mukilteo School District Proposition 2 has been put forth mainly as a construction of new school/s in the material I have seen. However, we are being asked to vote for 21 different projects.

There may very well be a need for new schools, and I have no problem with voting positively as need demands. I get the feeling though, as with a bill in Congress, that everything is included with the idea of funding as much as possible regardless of cost to citizens.

There are a couple of items being overlooked. The additional cost to us we are told is $249/year for a $300,000 house. The average house in Mukilteo I would say is more than $350,000 (The Beacon used $400,000 costing us $332).

Averaging brings our #increased# taxes to $291. Percentage wise, that amounts to about a 20 percent increase. That’s pretty hefty. Are you willing to pay that amount of increase?

Too, why is there higher enrollment? Because there are more children. Why are there more children? Because more homes are being built. That means there are more homes to pay taxes, so the burden should be less per home. Some of these are apartments, which will skew the numbers some, but they also are paying taxes.

In conclusion, I am willing to pay when there is a need but, in this case, I believe the school district is asking for an excessive amount and should scale back their requests.

And they should not do this in another few months, attempting to push it till they get it through, a common practice in our Mukilteo propositions. If we as citizens say “No” to this Proposition we mean “No.”

A failed proposition should wait a minimum of a year. Don’t pass onto us a 20 percent tax increase. Be reasonable in your requests.

Sherwood Sage,


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