QFCs phasing out plastic bags

Kroger announces ban at checkout stands nationwide
By Brian Soergel | Sep 05, 2018

QFC announced Aug. 23 that it will phase out single-use plastic bags and transition to reusable bags across its stores by the end of next year.

Bellevue-based QFC is a subsidiary of Kroger, the country’s largest supermarket chain with more than 2,700 locations. All Kroger stores will ban plastic bags at checkout. That includes Fred Meyer.

“While several cities in the Puget Sound, such as Edmonds, have implemented a plastic bag ban, this announcement will help us accelerate the transition in our QFC stores where bag bans are not currently in place,” said Zach Stratton, a QFC spokesman.

The ban only applies to checkout bags. Plastic bags for meats, vegetables, bulk food or prepared food gathered within a retail store, and plastic bags for prepared food from deli counters and restaurants, are allowed.

“We recognize that we also have opportunities to reduce other types of plastics in our business and in stores,” Stratton said. “The current scope includes plastic grocery bags at the front end; however, we also intend to find a more sustainable solution for single-use bags used for produce and meat and seafood.”

He added that QFC will determine the most sustainable replacement for single-use plastic bags over time.

“We recognize purchasing multiple reusable bags might be a challenge for some of our customers, and some simply cannot carry reusable bags to the store each visit.

“We want to make this easy, and we’re committed to easing these burdens as much as possible. Our goal is to offer reusable bags our customers will want to use, and reuse as intended so we are considering many ways to encourage customers to transition to reusable bags.”

Suzy Monford, president of QFC, said the company-wide ban is part of its Zero Hunger/Zero Waste commitment. “Single-use plastic bags have zero place in our vision for a world with zero waste. It’s a bold move that will better protect our planet for future generations.”



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