Re-elect Mayor Joe Marine | Letter

Oct 23, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

Money Magazine named Mukilteo the 9th best small city in the United States to live and do business. This is attributable to many Mukilteo citizens, no one more so than Mayor Joe Marine.

During his service as mayor, he has shepherded a dysfunctional City Council and divided community to accomplish many proud city improvements.

He is a family man, living in Mukilteo 19 years with two daughters who graduated from Mukilteo schools. He is a caring, people person who is approachable and listens to many varied ideas and interests.

His salary as an elected mayor accountable to the voters leading the city government is a bargain, as Joe works tirelessly to preserve, promote and protect Mukilteo.

His vision for improvement and management of the city government has improved city services and efficiencies.

During the economic recession, his finance team maintained a AAA municipal bond rating with adequate reserves and the fifth lowest tax rate in Snohomish County.

His experience as a state representative and service on many local boards and commissions has garnered state and regional support for moving the ferry terminal, as well as funding for park and trail improvements.

As voters, it is our responsibility to know the issues and vote for those with the most experience, qualifications and interests that will successfully keep us on the progressive course.

Joe opposes adverse impacts, such as changing Paine Field from a manufacturing work base to a international commercial aviation airport.

His opponent supports restructuring the city Fire Department which will increase fire protection costs and a desire to create another restaurant row on the Tank Farm site, which will not relieve the traffic paralysis on Front Street.

Criticism of Joe for suggesting the alternate ferry terminal access route from Seaway Boulevard only demonstrates his ability to think outside the box to solve Mukilteo problems.

Why change something that is working successfully? Re-elect Mayor Joe Marine.

Tom Howerton

Former City Councilmember,


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