Reflection of my faith and church l Worship

By Laura Crawford, volunteer minister and member of Pointe of Grace Lutheran Church | Sep 19, 2018

The challenge I face when asked to write an article is coming up with something totally new, original and refreshing.

Upon reflection, I realize, when being completely transparent, is many of the best teachings are already out there. I am a conglomeration of the wisdom of many great people who have gone before me.

That fact humbles me and also inspires me to let you know I am sharing from Therese Lisieux. Her thoughts are not my original thoughts but they are so interwoven in my life, my soul, and the way I aspire to live that they have now become mine.

My life and yours are so different from the life of St. Therese.

She was a cloistered nun living between 1873-1897, yet her instruction to “miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word: always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love” - these are words I’d like to live by.

These words are at the crux of the teaching of Jesus.

And yet it is not just the teachings of Jesus. These words embody the life of Jesus. I thank God for giving us unconditional love, His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit to live out his amazing love among us.

And I thank God for my church, Pointe of Grace Lutheran (5425 Harbour Pointe Blvd.) here in Mukilteo.

I can roll on in, easily park, and any of my neighbors who need hearing assistance can receive a device that helps.

It is a place where I can experience God’s love through holistic, welcome to all, worship, Sundays at 9:30, where over 100 kids receive backpacks of food each week, and weekly teens can hang out in a safe place at the “Teen Lounge,” there is a Teaching Garden where anyone can learn to grow things, receive food or flowers if in need and where there is an amazing preschool.

It is not a perfect place, I’d be intimidated if it was; it is an accepting place, a place of love. Our mission is “Grounded in God,” growing in community with Christ, and giving of ourselves; a place where we can love and be loved by God first, and one another, for in the words of St. Therese love is what our hearts were made for.

Please feel free to stop in and experience what your heart is made for.

And if for any reason you don’t feel quite ready, love is patient and kind. Love waits.  Alas, that quote is not a ”Laura original” either. That is from Paul talking to the Corinthians. Another stealable thought to live my life by.

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