Religion at the source of most terrible events | Letter

Aug 13, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

In a letter to the editor, Mr. Fenton Rees said: "Christians down through history have often been at the vanguard of alleviating society’s ills and evils."

Now Mr. Rees, I urge you to read just a bit of this history to which you refer. Of course, if you consider the crusades, beheadings, persecution of other religions, and on and on as the Christian means of "alleviating society's ills" then your point is well taken.

But in reality, down through history, until this very day, there probably has been no greater single force for evil than religion. Rampant self-righteousness in the name of religion (and certainly not just Christianity) can be found at the source of the most terrible of human events.

As The Beatles sang in their song "Imagine," I urge you to, just for a moment, imagine a world without religion.

And please, let's not debate who knows best the features of Heaven or Hell.  Enough people have died over that question "down through history."

John Baker,


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