Reminder: Fireworks are illegal in Mukilteo | Letter

Jun 25, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

The Fourth of July holiday will soon arrive and will require everyone to be thinking about fire safety issues associated with this celebratory time.

Through documented history of accidents associated with the use of fireworks, the city of Mukilteo provides a level of safety to its citizens by banning the purchase and use of fireworks within its borders.

The Mukilteo Municipal Code 8.04.020 states: “It is unlawful for any person to sell, use, transfer, discharge, ignite or explode any fireworks within the city.”

However, there are a few exceptions to this prohibition, when authorized by a state license and city permit.

The exceptions are as follows: public displays and “use by religious organizations or private organizations or persons for religious or other specific purposes on an approved date and in an approved location.”

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July.

Thank you,

Colt Davis,

Crime Prevention Officer,

Mukilteo Police Department; and

Jim Thomas,

Fire Marshal,

Mukilteo Fire Department

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