Return online sales tax to Washington state citizens | Letter

Jun 18, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

There has been discussion in Congress regarding the Marketplace Fairness Act. This is intended to have all Internet businesses charge sales tax so as to level the playing field for local businesses.

I believe our state has already made this law. What is not pointed out is that in local stores customers do not pay for shipping, which is in most cases, part of the cost of purchasing online.

More frustrating is the fact that should this Marketplace Fairness Act pass (Washington having already done so?), the taxes collected will be a windfall for all the states.

What will they do with that money? Since it's a windfall, will they return it to the state's citizens in the form of lower taxes? I can almost hear you laugh.

I sincerely believe that the complaints of state legislators, including those of our own in Washington state, in most cases, have little or nothing to do with helping businesses, rather to get the extra taxes themselves – which they have no intention of sharing with their citizens.

That irks me and I would hope irks you as well. I have already contacted our state legislators with but one response. I would urge you to also contact yours to tell them we expect those taxes to be returned to us as citizens and taxpayers.

Sherwood Sage,


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