Richard Emery is no puppet | Letter

Oct 30, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

We are going to add our voices in strong support of Richard Emery's re-election for Mukilteo City Council.

He has served on the council for six years and is a thoughtful, well-spoken individual who considers all points of view in decision making, and then quietly goes about the business of government. The history of his service is the best argument for voting for him now.

The Letters section of the Oct. 23 Beacon prompted this letter. While most letters were measured and fair, one contained an insinuation that seemed small-minded.

It gave the erroneous impression that Mr. Emery usually agrees with the mayor's opinion rather than thinking things through judiciously. The ire some voters have felt toward the sitting mayor seems to have tinged their feelings toward some currently seated councilmembers.

It is a little like the old adage, "Let's throw the baby out with the bathwater," and this is unfair. Richard Emery makes up his own mind; he gathers pertinent information and then votes his conscience. He is not a puppet for Joe Marine.

Unlike Mayor Marine, Emery took a negative stand against red-light cameras in Mukilteo. He was a very early supporter of Japanese Gulch preservation, and his activism continues to the present.

When removing/retrofitting Rosehill School created a rift in the community, Emery realized that the old building was cumbersome and needed to go.

Presently, he is thrilled about the Tank Farm acquisition and looks forward to helping create a beautiful new waterfront area, as this project develops.

Speaking as lifelong members of Mukilteo, we know that Richard Emery has been and will continue to be an excellent member of the City Council.

He will continue to oppose Paine Field expansion (while supporting development of the aerospace industry there), and intends to work at making Mukilteo more pedestrian-friendly.

Richard Emery has a fine record as a member of council. Please give him a chance to continue serving the city we love.


Robert H. Stockton and

Jamie Richter Stockton,


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