Safety measures for football games at Goddard

Sep 20, 2018

The following are releases from the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office and the Mukilteo School District, Kamiak High School, and Mariner High School principal Nate DuChesne:


Snohomish County Sheriff's Office:


The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office and Mukilteo School District will be increasing security and law enforcement presence at Goddard Stadium tomorrow night for Mariner High School’s football game against Monroe High School. In addition to the standard two-deputy detail at Friday night football games, Mukilteo School District has hired an additional Sheriff’s deputy to patrol the parking lot and the perimeter of the stadium. School staff and other school volunteers will also be on-site at the game, wearing easily-identifiable vests and carrying walkie-talkies.

“The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority and will continue to be moving forward,” said Nate DuChesne, Principal at Mariner High School. “We want our students, community and faculty to feel comfortable and safe attending events at Goddard Stadium. We are working closely with the Sheriff’s Office to assess last week’s incident and we continue to add extra safety measures to improve our response to an incident of this nature.”

Last Friday, Sept. 14, the Sheriff's Office responded to reports of a fight between juveniles in the parking lot of Mariner High School. The school resource officer at Mariner High School responded to the parking lot and heard 5-6 shots fired nearby off campus by an unknown suspect. Detectives believe the shots were fired from a car driving on 4th Avenue West that had left the school parking lot seconds earlier. Detectives found evidence of a bullet strike in a vehicle parked in the school parking lot. There have been no identified victims or reported injuries as a result of the shots fired. Multiple casings were recovered by detectives in the roadway near the 12200 block of 4th Avenue West.

Major Crimes Unit detectives continue to investigate the incident. At this time a suspect has not been identified. Individuals who are aware of a possible suspect(s) have not been cooperative with investigators.

Detectives have determined that shooting last night near the 300 block of 112th St SW that left one adult male injured is unrelated to the activity on September 14.

For the safety of the students and the school community, both law enforcement and the school district stress the importance of being prepared in advanced in the event of an emergency, including:

  • Make a mental note of all possible exits. The most direct route out or the way you came in may be blocked or unsafe as an exit.
  • Make a plan with your family or group for how you will communicate and where you can safely reconnect nearby, but off-site.
  • Stay calm, do not panic and follow the directions of first responders.
  • Locate a school staff member or someone in uniform for help or assistance.


Mariner High School:

Last Friday evening’s incident near Mariner High School and the subsequent evacuation of Goddard Stadium was a serious and dangerous situation. Although these events are difficult to predict and plan for, we want to make sure that we learn from it and are better off moving forward.  It’s important that our students, families, and community members feel safe when they attend an event at Goddard Stadium.

I want share with you the measures we have in place for our home football games at Goddard Stadium.  Most of these have been done at Mariner home games for quite some time, and a few have been recently added to increase safety:

  • Two Snohomish County Sheriff deputies will be on duty at the stadium
  • One Snohomish County Sheriff deputy will be on patrol in parking and perimeter
  • 3-4 Mariner High School administrators supervise at the stadium
  • All stadium personnel will be in yellow vests for easy visibility
  • Clear evacuation plan posted with several exit gates open
  • All supervisors and the PA announcer will be in contact via radio
  • The PA announcer will have a script in case of an emergency

Many issues that have come up over the years have started in the parking lots and surrounding areas near Mariner. It’s also important to note that most of these incidents have involved people who are not associated with Mariner High School.

We hope that hiring a deputy to patrol the area from 5 to 11 p.m. will deter any unwanted visitors and activity. In addition to our focus on safety for our students and community, we are asking that all students be off the Mariner campus within 30 minutes of game/activity end times.

The Snohomish County deputies will be enforcing this new policy. If you’re picking up your child, please help support this policy by arriving on campus within 30 minutes of event end times. Thank you for your attention to this.

We appreciate the student and community involvement at Mariner.  Please know that we are doing everything in our control to make this a safe and enjoyable experience.


Kamiak High School:


As we continue to adjust and improve our safety plans following the unplanned evacuation of Goddard Stadium on 9/14, the Kamiak administrative team, in partnership with the District Office, has made the following modifications to our security protocols for our home football games:


  • Two Snohomish County Sheriff deputies will continue to be on duty inside the stadium as before
  • One additional Snohomish County Sheriff deputy will be on patrol in the parking lot and monitoring the campus
  • The High School administrative team and our School Resource Officer will continue to supervise all home football games as before
  • Additional staff supervisors will be hired and assigned to key locations at the main entrance, the home side stands, and the visiting side stands
  • Patrons will not be allowed to congregate near concession stands to keep a clear pathway.
  • All stadium personnel will be in yellow vests for easy visibility to assist patrons
  • Exit gates at the main entrance, the player/coaches’ entrance, and Fire station gate will remain open during the contest
  • All entrants to the stadium will receive an evacuation map
  • All supervisors and the PA announcer will be in contact via common radio
  • The PA announcer will have a script to read from in case of an emergency
  • The PA announcer will announce a pre-game message to inform all patrons of the emergency exits at each game
  • Separate entry gates will be used for student/staff with ASB and paid admissions
  • No backpacks are allowed into the stadium, No Open containers, and No Re-entry
  • Patrons are discouraged from bringing in large bags/purses.
  • All bags are subject to enhanced search by security personnel as a pre-condition of entry into the stadium
  • All staff/students will leave Goddard Stadium within 15 minutes after the contest has ended. If you are picking up a student at the stadium, please make sure you arrive in time to pick up your student.

In case of an emergency, please remain calm, and help others remain calm, so that the PA announcer, our game workers, law enforcement, and our school administrative team can give all attendees the guidance and reassurance that is needed during an emergency situation.

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