School levy is not ‘for the kids’ | Letter

Feb 05, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

Our town is littered with these little brown signs that say “Vote Yes For Kids.” I love how the proponents of education spending always couch it in these terms – if you don’t vote for our levy, you’re not “for the kids.”

In reality, the proposed education levy’s main goal is to provide funding for the new Common Core “education” standards, which have been forced into every school district in Washington state with little public input or knowledge.

These standards, devised as a method to give the same education to all K-12 students nationwide, have ever since their introduction caused a great deal of controversy, due to their tremendous scholastic shortcomings, de-emphasis of literature in favor of technical reading, arithmetic standards that are much less rigorous than those of most major school districts, and their distorted view of American government and civic life.

As a result, more and more jurisdictions, including the State of Indiana, have rejected Common Core in favor of traditional education and control of curriculum by local school boards, instead of some national group.

I encourage all of you with school-age children to look carefully at the controversy surrounding Common Core before granting any more monies to the Mukilteo School District.

Fred Taylor,


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