School music rooms need a revamp | Letter

Jan 29, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I recently attended the monthly Harbour Pointe Music Boosters meeting and was pleased to see Mukilteo School Board President Judy Schwab in attendance. She was there to let parents know about the improvements that are slated for the music programs at both Harbour Pointe and Olympic View middle schools.

I’ve been aware of the overcrowding situation in our elementary schools for some time now, but was excited to learn how the proposed bond and levy will allow for some #much# needed updates to our performing arts facilities.

My son is currently an eighth grader at Harbour Pointe and often talks about the lack of storage for musical instruments in the band room and how crowded the space is during class.

When the bond passes, the plans are to enlarge the room, remove the old out-of-date and incorrectly-sized storage units and build new ones that you can actually fit an instrument in! When I talk with parents from Olympic View, I hear that the situation is even worse in their school.

Money from the proposed bond issue will build a larger and acoustically correct music room at Olympic View, more practice rooms and some upgraded storage spaces for them as well.

They are currently working with original-issue space and design and Olympic View is no spring chicken anymore. It’s definitely time to bring their facilities up to speed.

I’d like to say thank you Judy Schwab for the encouraging information and all your hard work and dedication to the students in the Mukilteo School District.

To the voters – I urge you to approve the bond and levy issues on the ballot next month. It will be “music to their ears” for all the performing arts students.


Kelly Paschalis,

Harbour Pointe Music Boosters

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