Schools running out of temporary solutions | Letter

Jan 22, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

As teachers in the Mukilteo School District, we are always striving to overcome challenges and provide the best educational opportunities for our students.

Unfortunately, there is one challenge we can’t overcome without the help of voters on Feb. 11, and that is the challenge of overcrowding in our schools.

As an example, Discovery Elementary was built 25 years ago for a capacity of 432 students. Then portables have been added since then, and presently 726 children attend Discovery, 294 students above the building’s original capacity.

Many other schools in the district have similar issues. And, as we all know, student enrollment will continue to grow.

It is one thing to hear that our schools are overcrowded; it is another thing to live it every day as a teacher or student.

Waiting in long lines for lunch, recess and dismissal times, taking longer to get into the assembly than for the assembly itself, traffic and parking problems, safety issues at recess, the wear and tear on restrooms, classrooms and lunchrooms, the lack of classroom and storage space ... the list goes on, and it’s a long one.

Overcrowding issues create stress and negatively impact the learning of hundreds of children every day in the Mukilteo School District, despite the best efforts of administrators, teachers and parents.

We are running out of temporary solutions. We need permanent ones.

Our students deserve room to learn. Please vote “Yes” for the school levy and bond on Feb. 11.

Kitty Taylor Jensen, Discovery Elementary

Fred Collins, Discovery Elementary

Kari Woodard, Horizon Elementary

Fiona Rimstead, Picnic Point Elementary

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