Sheriff’s Office warning of ‘Spice’ risks

May 19, 2014
The Sheriff's Office is warning the community to avoid smoking "Spice" products, such as Black Voodoo, above, which sickened two teens earlier this month.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office is warning the community, especially teens, about the dangers of smoking a type of synthetic marijuana known on the street as “spice.”

The warning comes following reported illnesses by two Sultan teens who became ill after smoking “Black Voodoo” earlier this month.

Both teens survived, but suffered various reactions after smoking the substance, including seizures, hallucinations and vomiting.

Spice, which is also called “K2” and “potpourri,” can be purchased in tobacco shops and convenience stores and is manufactured by spraying natural herbs with synthetic chemicals.

It is marketed as an aromatherapy product.  Spice is not illegal to possess, but it is labeled as “not for human consumption,” as in the case of the “Black Voodoo” smoked by the two Sultan teens.

Spice is often used by underage teens who cannot legally possess or purchase pot or by those who hope to avoid detection of drug use.

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Posted by: Tere Ryder | May 24, 2014 08:34

Colorado Marijuana/Washington Marijuana.  Children have become critically ill from ingesting edible marijuana in Colorado, which has has basically no regulation of quantity in products.  I understand that  as the law states now  one cannot smoke marijuana outside, so many are eating marijuana laced goodies instead outside.....and children also thinking some products are candy and goodies.  Something for Washington state to be aware of before we have a FATALITY in regards to marijuana being available widespread.There is a poisonous level in regards to quantity of THC in the edible product.  I guess I would be worried about stoner parents or people high not noticing (while they're sitting around high, I remember the 60s well!) that their children are eating the edibles.....Not sure how THAT can be "regulated".


Here is a link from Reuters:

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