Shoulder is a dangerous place to walk | Kudos & Complaints

Kudos for school-zone crosswalks, complaint over the ‘No Joe’ campaign signs
By Sara Bruestle | Oct 23, 2013

We’re trying a new series in the Mukilteo Beacon: Kudos and Complaints.

The following is the first of a bi-monthly look at the kudos and complaints from around Mukilteo.

Every two months, The Beacon will request to see the emails that were sent to the city via and/or through the “Contact Us” form on the city’s website. Both kinds of messages end up in the same inbox.

Here are 10 kudos and complaints sent to the city of Mukilteo in September and October:

Complaint: “Twice a week, a neighbor of ours has a band rehearsal at their house. This has been going on for nearly a year. A police officer has already been to their residence once. Do we have to continue to tolerate this noise?”

Kudos and Complaint: “I have kids who go to Mukilteo Elementary. I want to thank you for being so good at making sure our school zone is safe. But ferry traffic doesn’t seem to always do so when we have pedestrians crossing the street on Mukilteo Speedway in front of Olympic View Middle School. I am happy with the crosswalk lights, but they would be more effective if when someone pushes the button to cross, the lights would change to red. Many drivers still don’t stop when the lights flash, but if they were red, then they would have to stop.”

Complaint: “The street light in front of our house, on the 5100 block of 92nd Street S.W., has been out for more than two years. Would you please fix it? It is dangerous at night and when I walk my dog at 5:30 a.m.”

Complaint: “I walk across the pedestrian crossing in front of Kamiak High School every morning with my daughter, and every morning we have to wait for cars that drive through the crossing before we can step out. Many cars do not stop at this crosswalk for pedestrians. Would you please patrol this crossing during school hours and paint lines on the road to indicate where vehicles should go? I do not want to wait until my child or any other child crossing that road gets hit before you all do something about the traffic.”

Complaint and Kudos: “I’m wondering where the swings went for the swing set at the 92nd Street Park. We enjoy the park and would love for the swings to be there.”

Complaint: “The trees on 56th Place W., just as you turn off of 88th Street, are extremely overgrown. They are so overgrown that when the striping (painting) of the street was done last week, it couldn’t be done on that section, as the trees hung so close to the ground, they couldn’t get under them. Also, there are several power wires that run through the overgrown tree limbs, and they are at great risk in any winter storm. Could someone assess/address this issue? We cannot cut the trees, as they are on city property.”

Complaint: “The shoulder in front of my home on the 6000 block of Central Drive is only 3 feet wide. Although the speed limit is 25 mph, vehicles routinely travel at much faster speeds and cross over the 10-inch line onto the shoulder. As a result, this shoulder area is a very dangerous place to walk, especially for students on the way to their bus stop in the early morning darkness. The best solution would be a sidewalk. Feel free to park in my driveway and watch the cars fly up the hill and cross over the white line.”

Complaint: “There are little potholes on our newly paved street, 4th Street near Loveland Avenue. Hope these can be filled. Also, I would like to see the “No Joe Marine” signs taken down. These are not campaign signs, they are hate signs.”

Complaint: “The road near the 600 block of 3rd Street needs to be repaired. The top layer of chip seal was damaged, it appears, by a car peeling out on the hill. There are several large holes in the top layer of chip seal. The section is on 3rd Street, just west of the Mukilteo Speedway.”

Complaint: “The stop signs at 46th Place W. and 47th Place W. in Faire Harbour development are obstructed by trees, and I have seen multiple drivers run the stop signs. This is a bus stop for our neighborhood, and kids are at risk every morning and afternoon.”

The Beacon will print reader kudos and complaints of 100 words or fewer on a space-available basis. We reserve the right to edit for brevity, grammar and taste. Send yours to

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