Show Oso some longterm support | Letter

Apr 09, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

As we follow the tragic events resulting from the mudslide in the Darrington/Oso area, we have been shown many ways to offer support for those affected [“Mukilteo finds ways to help in mudslide aftermath,” The Beacon, front page, April 2]. The response has been overwhelming.

We are saddened by the loss of life and property, while our spirits are lifted by the way those towns and surrounding communities have come together to get through this as best they can.

At some point, the road will be cleared and the recovery efforts will be completed or curtailed.

When that time has come, and when we are given the OK to again travel through these towns without being a hinderance, I suggest that we take a little drive up their way and show our support for them.

Stop at a cafe and have a meal, spend a little money at the hardware store that has been so generous with supplies for the rescue and recovery teams, visit the shops and let these people know our hearts – and our pocketbooks – go out to them and wish them well as they try to resume lives that will never be the same.

Chris Salditt,


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