Sidewalk café would only add to Diamond Knot noise | Letter

Jul 23, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I live across the street from the Diamond Knot Brewery & Alehouse at the Losvar Condominiums, and noise generated by its customers has been a constant source of annoyance for all residents [“Leasing of parkland to brewery considered,” The Beacon, front page, July 16].

The Losvar Condominiums Association has met with twice with Diamond Knot over this issue, most recently Oct 6., 2013 where Officer Colt Davis with the Mukilteo Police Department was in attendance.

We talked about specific concerns and ways to try to diminish the noise violations. Davis said in many cases the only solution is to call 911 when the noise passes some personal threshold of tolerance.

We stated we wanted to see noise addressed in their basic operating procedures, to be more proactive in thinking about noise impacts and ways to reduce it. The picnic tables stacked up on the park side were referenced. What was the plan?

Following the meeting, there were signs of improvement, and we noticed that the picnic tables eventually disappeared. Now there is this proposal to open a sidewalk café along the park side.

Opening a sidewalk café at Diamond Knot is worrisome. Diamond Knot is a fun, loud tavern that serves food with its beer. The restaurant side is no library; it can be busy and loud with TVs going and lots of beer flowing.

If you change the rules, allow alcohol in the park, and open that bank of windows along the park side, do not be so naive to expect a group of quiet diners. All that lively chatter that is now somewhat contained within the building will roll right outside and up into our windows.

In The Beacon, Sherry Jennings, marketing and sales manager for Diamond Knot, was quoted as saying “Now is the time to seize this opportunity to start creating that vibrant area down there.”

What we have observed is that the park is already overused and parking is a real issue, so what exactly will an outside bar in the park add, except more congestion? Jennings also was quoted as saying “[Serving alcohol] would be our intent, I mean, we’re a brewery.” Yes we agree.

In a letter [“Outdoor dining would enhance Lighthouse Park,” Letters, page 4, July 16], Jennings wrote “Part of Diamond Knot’s value statement is to “Always do the right thing.”

We hope this includes evaluating negative impacts in the decision making and implementing a plan to mitigate these as required. This, of course, would also apply to the mayor’s comment about having the city just throw out few picnic tables on the sidewalk.


Bill Anacker,


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