Simple secrets to make your life better

By Kay Wagner LMP, CPT | May 02, 2012

Sometimes little things can make our lives better or easier. Here are a few tips that help me. I hope they make a difference for you, too!

Hard to swallow supplements – Make taking vitamins easier by taking them with warm water or herbal tea.

In the morning when I make tea or coffee, I brew an extra cup of peppermint tea. When I’m ready to swallow my larger vitamins, I use the warm tea. It really helps them go down. Plus, I’m adding the health benefits (caffeine free) of peppermint.

Down to the last drop – Have you noticed how the pump bottles of lotion stop pumping long before the bottle is empty? Just add water! When lotion, toothpaste, conditioner, etc. run low, try adding a tablespoon of water and shaking it up. Sometimes I can extend the supply of my products for several weeks.

Dry skin – Add a squirt of jojoba oil to your body lotion, then massage with your hands or with a warm washcloth.

Neck or backache – Try a vascular flush. Place an ice pack on your back and warm your belly with a heat pack. If your neck is stiff, warm your chest while cooling the back of your neck.

This is especially helpful for people who do not care for ice! Insulate the ice pack by wrapping it in a towel or pillowcase, so that the cold is not shocking to you.

Clear up body odor naturally – Supplementing with chlorophyll capsules not only cleans and oxygenates blood, it reduces body odor. I like Natures Way Chlorofresh. Follow directions on label.

Fresh lemon juice helps cleanse the liver and intestines and freshens body smells. Try making fresh apple lemonade. Squeeze a lemon into a glass of apple juice. Delicious. Lemon also brings a glow to your skin and eyes!

Too much junk mail – Return pre-approved credit card applications in their own envelopes. Write, “I opt out. Do not share my information, do not send offers.” Then call catalogs and ask for your name to be removed from mailing list.

Needless to say, I don’t get much mail! Although, it can be a bit depressing to have only bills and no junk!

Allergies, runny nose and red eyes – Bee pollen! My favorite way to combat seasonal allergies. I buy local, dried bee pollen at Sno-Isle Co-op or 7th Ave produce. Follow directions on package.

Since I love the flavor, I just chew it. Most folks find the grape-nuts like texture and flavor palatable. If you’re on medication or sensitive to bee stings, check with your doctor.

Quercitin and nettles are also very helpful for most allergy sufferers as well. All of these natural health aids have many nutritional benefits for your body.

Most important of all, keep laughing! Mark Twain said, “Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.”

Wishing you health and belly laughs for the warm months to come!

Kay Wagner LMP & NASM Certified Personal Trainer, leads Seniors Strength Training, Yoga & Pilates at Rosehill Community Center. Kay offers PERSONAL TRAINING & SPA FACIAL MASSAGE in her studio overlooking the mountains and water, at 828 2nd St. in Mukilteo. Call 425-353-4545. “Like” her on Facebook at Kay Wagner Wellness. Visit

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