Small brush fire on the Speedway

By Brandon Gustafson | Jul 03, 2018
Photo by: Brandon Gustafson The aftermath of a small fire that occurred last Wednesday, June 27. A transformer overheated and fell into the patch of bushes, causing a small fire.

Drivers and pedestrians were in for quite a shock last Wednesday if they passed 84th Street Southwest on the Mukilteo Speedway.

A small fire burned just before noon on Wednesday in a small bush and grass area in front of the 76 Union Gas Station.

According to Mukilteo Fire Chief Chris Alexander, the fire started when part of a transformer overheated, sparked, and fell into the landscaped area in front of the gas station.

The fire also caused a brief traffic delay while the situation was getting sorted out.

Alexander said the overheating of aluminum wiring in the transformer caused the sparks, which ultimately caused the small fire in the grass and a few of the bushes in front of the gas station.

Alexander said the fire was disposed of quickly, but there was a slight delay while they waited for a power company to come and cut the power to that transformer.

Overall, Alexander said firefighters took care of the blaze in a little less than 20 minutes, nobody was injured, and the only damage was the burning of a few bushes and some grass.

With the gas station right there, it was important to keep the fire away from the pumps.

"It never got past that batch of grass and bushes," Alexander said. "It wasn't anything too major."

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